Normal…Let’s Refine What That Really Means

I think the word normal is misused.  Here is why.  I knew of a medical student who was sneezed on by an infant while making rounds at a hospital where he was getting his training. He left the hospital, went  home, took a shower, and returned to his duties at the hospital.  Do I think that is weird behavior? Yes.  Do I think that was normal? Yes.  It was for him.  He got very freaked out by germs.

I recently started going after Fruit Flies with a vengeance.  These were really dumb flies, because they were not only in  my kitchen where I do have fruit, but in my bathroom where I do not keep or have fruit at anytime.  Well, one morning I got the bright idea to use the hose on my vacuum and suck the little devils up.  Been doing it now for a week.  My question is,  am I acting NORMAL or not?  Maybe, maybe not, but I am being very effective.  To me it is normal, end of discussion.

So if someone does something that we don’t understand or agree with does it make them  normal or abnormal?  There are lots of ideas out their in politics that I disagree with.  That doesn’t make the people who are thinking those thoughts abnormal.

If you see a sweet, juicy apple or a rotten pear, why don’t you say, that apple is normal or the pear is abnormal.  It would however make sense to say, it is usually  normal for an apple to be sweet and juicy.

My point is, I think the word normal is often used to separate people who are different from mainstream society.  Those of us who are afflicted with mental disease are all normal.  Our actions are  normal for us, just misunderstood by people unfamiliar with mental illnesses.

Words and phrases that relate to the word normal range from, conforming to standard, usual, typical, or expected, customary, habitual and accustomed.  Well I fit all of these words to a tee.  Whether I am depressed, manic, sad, or happy I still fit the definition.  Those are my normal incarnations in this life.   If anyone ever calls me nuts I will smile and say ,  ” I can be nuts now and then.  I am Bipolar and that is my nature.   And sometimes I really have fun being  nuts.”

If the subject of being normal ever comes up I will proudly say of course I am normal.  I was just born without a filter connected to my emotions, and it is serving me splendidly.  I will also remind them that God does not create junk.

Now I am off to a two hour “Stress Buster” massage.


About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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4 Responses to Normal…Let’s Refine What That Really Means

  1. blahpolar says:

    Hehe good one. And this definition isn’t something we wanna be either: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.


    • ahuelon says:

      Depends on how you look at it. I have no problem conforming to who I am. I am typical an all of those other thing. Mind set to our advantage is a great way of standing up for who we are. I sometime think society is crazier than I am when I see what is out there. In CO the kids are disrupting school because they are being taught to be patriotic and what capitalism is. Don,t they realize they can study history about Hitler without becoming another Hitler. I also honor you statement and opinion. Open minds are our friend.


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