Holidays change over the years depending on age and circumstances.   I am a senior and Bipolar, and those two thing color my emotions and feelings of well-being.

My extended family lives in TX, CO, AZ, and CA.  My kids, grandchildren, and great grand children, who live within 30 miles from me, are busy with their activities.  I moved to my present location over four years ago, and I haven’t connected with many people who are beyond casual acquaintances.  I have slowed down a lot due to my age. So the holiday season is not anything I look forward to.

Years ago I decided what special days were important to me personally.  I came up with my birthday and Mother’s Day.  The other days took on a different meaning for me.  I consider Christmas to be the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. A family meal is a nice addition. I give to a charity in his name.  I consider Thanksgiving a day wrapped around eating and remembering what I have to be thankful for.  If I have a meal with family members I consider that a plus.  Easter is a religious day.  I try to think about all believers of all faiths, and am glad I live in a country where freedom to believe or not to believe is allowed.

Each year during the Winter season I try to plan for fun things to do.  In the past I have started a new quilt.  This year I have  joined a gym to begin getting myself in better shape.  I sometimes put off starting a new book to read until this time of year.  I am looking at a stack of books that I am chomping at the bit to read as I type this blog.  I pulled out my old Therapy light and started using it for half and hour each morning to lift my spirits.

Non of these thing always work, but often they do.  When I have a down day, or moment, I tell myself “This feeling will pass”, and it does.  I tend to think about friends and family members who have passed.  My brother died on Christmas Eve in 1989.  Sometime I take those memories of loss and write about their lives as therapy.

I miss the festivities of school programs and the delight I saw in my children’s faces when they opened their special gifts that were  under the tree, when they were growing up. I miss not having anyone to bake and decorate for.  But spending time with those thoughts are not healthy for me now.  I need to live in the present.  Things never stay the same, they either get better or worse.  I try to find something I can make better in my life or for someones else.  One year I made 18 simple quilts for a family of 4 adults and 5 children (2 for each).  The family was adopted for the Christmas season by a church I was attending.  I had the time and fabric, and  loved every minute I worked on them.

Here is a thought for all of my friends out there in Blogville.  Depression can come from many places during this time of year.  Money can be an issue. Being alone  can also be tough.  Just remember the season will end and life will go on.  Hug yourselves and do something special. Take advantage of community dinners and get to gathers if that is something you might like to do.  If you have the means, drive around and look at the Christmas light displays.  OD on football.  There are lots of bowl games going on between now and New Years. Be creative.  You have the power to try to fill your life with joy.  Thoughts matter.  I believe we are our thoughts.  My prayers are for you all, happy or sad.


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Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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  1. This time of yeat can be very lonely for many, for different reasons, I like your attitude towards it.


    • ahuelon says:

      Thanks. I have had to re-frame many things in my life to get through them. I think there are lessons in all of our experiences. Sometimes we have to search very hard. My little solutions don’t always work, but they give me hope. When they don’t work I just go to the drawing board and try to figure out what might work. I think this attitude has helped keep me away from the mind set of a victim, which is good. Hugs

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