A Series on Journalism and How Fake News Is Infecting Us…..A Modern Day Jim Jones Comparison: Part 3

Leftist leaning Journalist are Generals for the Democratic driven cult that seems to be prevalent in today’s society. I look at them in the same way I looked at the cult Jim Jones started. Brainwashing, indoctrination, teaching a specific point of  view without debate and suppressing facts are a large part of creating a cult. Elements and tools  the left have used to create this cult are: labeling common sense actions as being politically incorrect, miss-labeling actions as being racist, and lots of bullying toward conservatives, under cutting police and elevating Black Lives Matter rhetoric over All Lives Matter, are just a few examples. They try to shame white people for their color when many of these Generals are white themselves. They stand behind GLTB groups who want special treatment rather than support them blending into society. They want to divide, in my opinion, rather than encourage society to mend their fences and get along.

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Many may not know the story of Jim Jones. Here is a refresher course. He was a communist and a cult leader. He was ordained as a Disciples of Christ pastor.  He founded radical leftist Peoples Temple. He was in Jonestown, Guyana when he committed a mass murder and suicide of 918 of his followers on November 18, 1978 by forcing them to drink a flavor aid mix with cyanide in it.  The expression “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is still used today to represent dying a cult death and suicide. Democratic Congressman, Leo Ryan was murdered while boarding a plane after investigation the commune that day for human rights abuses that had been reported  He was accompanied with some who were trying to escape. They were killed as well.

In the fake news reporting truths are hidden, twisted, or re-written. No debate is allowed. When these reporters and talk show guests are interviewed they come with a stack of talking points. The subjects are how Trump is doing a horrible job, slamming his every move, racist claims, saying that the Constitution is outdated, free speech only matters if you have a lefty point of view, guns are bad, police only target blacks and minorities. Colleges and Universities have  Generals as well. They are crammed with Professors who only want to teach their lop-sided progressive views, and even give F’s to students who write papers with conservative points of views. Some talk show hosts cut the feed to guests they think are sneaking on conservative views or are trying to debate a subject in an intelligent manner.

Here are some examples of the cult frame of mind at work. And the examples I will give in this post are just the tip of the iceberg.

The first is about a recent story involving the arrest of two doctors and  office manager who were performing or involved in Female Genital Mutilation on Muslim girls. The New York Times editor said the newspaper would not use the phrase ” Female Genital Mutilation” and called it genital cutting, because FGM was culturally loaded and widened the chasm between African and western civilization. Tucker Carlson talked about this absurdity and asked if the news was going to start calling beheadings “Head Cutting”?  Or if acid attacks on women would become “Corrective application of corrosive  chemicals?

A reporter named David Seaman, who reported for the Huffington Post, was fired when he turned in a piece he researched. His subject was Hillary Clinton’s health, after some reports surfaced about her strange behavior at some of her events, and her falling down, on camera, while getting into her car at one event. She did not seem to have a vigorous campaign schedule and went months without giving press conferences, which is highly unusual for someone running for such an important office. Why wouldn’t that be a great story, considering the facts that were widely talked about?

Facebook, Google, and U-Tube are right up their acting as coverup Generals.  They don’t create the news like Journalist but have a hand at covering up stories. Facebook recently suspended 30,000 accounts in France  ten days before an important election, because  holders of those accounts were backing LePen, and that was not Facebook’s choice.  Many groups supporting Trump have had their members suspended or put in “Facebook jail” for extended periods of time. Alternative news sites have had big blocks of videos removed, and followers have had their “Following designation” removed  without their approval. U-Tube removed videos about stories of Trump’s good deeds over the years during the election cycle.  Google  has figured out how to move stories far down the line to keep people for finding what they are looking for. One story about how to donate money to a group working to help free children from  traffickers was removed.  Facebook, Google, and U-Tube don’t make news, but they have, in the past supported a way for people to communicate ideas, UNTIL PEOPLE  STARTED COMMUNICATED CONSERVATIVE VIEWS.

I think I have made my case comparing the hard left being much  like a cult similar to the one Jim Jones ran. I think poisoning minds is far worse that drinking a beverage laced with cyanide.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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