An Unasked Question Answered….A Surprising Gift From a Friend.

A friend’s guidance showed me my current purpose.  Purposes change over a lifetime. God sees the big picture of why we are here on earth, but we only see a chapter at a time as we amble through life.  I am going to tell a story about the past few years  that I faced, wondering what my new purpose would be and how my purpose was right under my nose.  It took a special friend to point me to it.friendship day

Over my seven plus decades I have faced many different chapters with many responsibilities. I grew up, married, had children, took care of a parent until her death, and became a widow.  Each chapter has its own story.  Becoming a widow had a surprising result.  I found I had no idea how to put myself on the front burner.  l felt lost.  I realized I needed to find a meaningful reason to get up every morning.  I was a quilter and tried filling my time with family bound  and charity quilts, but something was missing.  I have moved around most of my life so family and friends were not near by.  What was I going to do?

A few years ago I joined Facebook to keep track of family members in TX, where my original roots began, CO, CA, AZ, and  kids, grandkids, and great grandkids  throughout the state of WA where I now live.  I had become somewhat of a recluse, so Facebooking fit right in.  I had few Facebook friends and used my page to write my thoughts, not caring who read my posts.  Few did.  One day a person sent me a friend request soon after I wrote an opinion piece about Robin Williams’ suicide. I am bipolar and suspected  he was as well.  Devastating depression is probably 80% of Bipolar experiences.  I was surprised that anyone had read my post.

That friend request and his response was the beginning of a friendship that I greatly value to this day.  He commented on the Robin Williams story I wrote.  He said that it sounded like I had some insight  and understanding on mental issues.  I said yes I did, and told him I was Bipolar, and was well versed on mental issues.  Turns out he was founder  of World Think Tank and thought having a discussion on mental illness would be a good topic for the group with me overseeing it as sort of a moderator.  I agreed.  We tried to get a dialog going.  The topic never took hold.

I did not know it at the time, but this new friend had a passion and drive to communicate on a vast array of subjects and platforms.  World Think Tank, Chandler-Gilbert Think Tank, Atridum News Journal, a blog on WordPress, and his personal Facebook page were just the tip of the iceberg for his endeavors.  I found he had a sharp mind, and a giving heart to boot.  I also learned that he was active in supporting his community and was not afraid to speak his mind.  I didn’t know it at the time but a gold mind had  landed at  my feet, and I had fallen smack dab into the middle of it.

He turned his attention on me becoming a blogger.  He thought I had something valuable to say about mental issues, and since the effort on WTT didn’t take off this was another avenue to pursue. I had no clue how to even begin so he patiently guided me in setting up a blog on WordPress.  We spent  hours sending emails to each other with directions for me to follow.  I would get step one, then step two and so on until I had an up and running blog of my very own.

I published about 15 articles.  One was on bullies, one was a suggestion on how Michael Brown’s mother could make a difference in turning troubled kids around.  I also wrote intimate pieces about my own journey about being bipolar.  I gained a fairly nice following, but reading  a duplication of my own pain became too unbearable.

I felt terribly guilty when I stopped writing on my blog because of all the time my friend had invested in me.  He was gracious and did not say a word of reprimand.  I continued to be active in WTT and joined CGTT and agreed to be a guest reporter on his Atridim News Journal, and his personal Facebook page.  That entailed sharing things from Facebook that seemed news worthy and commenting on other’s posts in the two tanks.  Occasionally I wrote an “Editorial” piece sharing my opinions.  I received numerous “Stated with Excellences” awards from my friend.  I got thank- yous for supporting his sites as well.  He seemed to like what I wrote and was generous in letting me know that my opinions were valued.  I think he saw that I enjoyed writing.  On one occasion he pointed out that he saw  a Journalistic eye in my writing. He invited me to be a guest contributor on his WordPress blog. He mentioned Fake News as a starter. ( I have since written a seris of three on that subject on my own blog.) I said sure.  While we were in the process of setting that up he threw out a question.  Would I rather be a guest on his blog or begin again blogging on my own.  I shared my concerns on being pigeon holed as a mental illness blogger.  Shortly I got a surprise email.  He said “look at your blog”.  To my surprise it now  has a new name.  It was now AHUELON News Journal instead of A Bipolar Journey.  I can’t remember why I used ahuelon in the begging.  It had something to do with finding a name that did not have hundreds of the same name on search engines.  My brother’s middle name was Huelon and we just stuck an A in front.   My real name and story can be found in the two menu’s on my blog home page.  Anyway I chose to begin blogging on my page, again.

Here is where purpose enters  into my story.  I had become concerned that I was feeling  that there was little purpose left in my journey.  My friend skillfully guided me back to where I belonged.  He answered a question I had not asked, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE.

So today I sit here with many subjects floating around in my mind that  I want to write about.  I am not concerned if I get an audience or not.  I had thoughts about writing a book some years ago and tabled that idea .  Short essays  and story telling seem to fit my style.  I love to ask questions, compare social issues  based on my 70 plus years of experiences and observation, and I love to challenge  and encourage  people to think for themselves.  I want to help stomp out lazy thinking, and inspire healthy debate.

  • So here is a huge thank you and long distance hug to my friend who never gave up on what he saw in me and helped me see it as well.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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2 Responses to An Unasked Question Answered….A Surprising Gift From a Friend.

  1. ahuelon says:

    I firmly believe that we all do significant good that touches others lives and never hear about it. It is far too easy to complain about people or situations. I think you have done much good in your life. You didn’t have to take an interest in me. Our first venture failed. For some reason you saw value in my words and wanted them to be heard beyond FaceBook. I knew my thoughts were sound but thought everyone shared my view, so why should I say anything. Your comment about me having a Journalistic mind got my attention. I have always liked investigating and figuring out things. A light turned on in my brain and I began thinking, “Maybe I do have something to say”. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Without your help and encouragement I would be sitting around asking God “Why can’t I turn my brain off? Why am I getting flooded with all of these ideas and thoughs” I like turning complicated ideas into simplistic views and I love telling stories with powerful examples. Like comparing fake news with the cult Jim Jones led. I am happy you were pleased with “our story” And the picture sums up my friendly affection for you. Thanks for your warm response. I experience many emotions when we exchange ideas and thoughts. They resemble a kind of love that grows out of deep respect. I also love reading your thoughts when expressed in the groups you have started. I smile every time I see your profile picture in my notifications, because I know we will be briefly connected, like seeing a friend waving. Another reason I wanted to thank you is, that from following you for years, I know you are very busy and your life is full of activities and interests. For you to have given me so much time in the begging, and even now, speaks volumes about your generosity. My life is much more limited, so your gift is and has been even more treasured. When I am satisfied with my work and I get a positive responce from you, my feeling of satisfaction are doubled. I am happy that I had this opportunity to fully express my gratitude. I don’t believe there are accidents in life. I think our collision was ment to be, and hopefully we will make good use out of the experience. Your faithful student and friend Marty.

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  2. ahuelon says:

    A huge thanks to you, my mentor.

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