MOTHERS DAY: Full of Love, Sadness and Complicated Feelings.

In a room of one thousand moms you would have that many stories times a hundred, that could fill a library, and today on Mothers Day many of those stories are floating around in many heads.  This special day is celebrated in many ways, some with a call, some with flowers or candy, some with a visit or a special outing tailored for that special mom, and the retail world sure hopes you considered their gift certificates and gift cards.  But the real gifts that will be  treasured the most will come from the heart at no cost to  the (1) I have three sons and each of them have their own place in my heart.  They are unique, therefore  each of our relationships are different.  None out shine the other.  I have a favorite oldest, favorite middle and favorite youngest, simple as that.  One son is with his wife in Canada today watching their son play baseball for his college.  One sent me a card and will probably call me later.  The other is preparing a surprise for three moms, me, his wife , and mother of his four children, and his wife’s mother.  I am sure the event will include cards and a fabulous meal prepared for us with the help of his only daughter.  Some flowers might be included in the mix.  I am looking forward to 5:30P.M. when the fun is scheduled to begin.

I want to share a priceless note I received in a card from one of my sons today.  It was inside a beautiful hand-made card his wife crafted.  She is famous for making cards so beautiful they deserve to be framed and hung on the wall.   It said,”Mom, I enjoy our talks over the phone. They are quite entertaining and informative.  It has been good to stay in touch.  Over the past years I have realized the sacrifices you made for us growing up and how hard you worked.  Thanks you for loving us so much and giving us everything you could.”  My safety deposit box is literally not big enough to hold the amount of joy those words brought.  My heart is singing.  Those calls he mentioned come weekly.  He is a house painter and he attaches his ear piece to his phone and we talk while he works.  We have long talks about life, family, politics. You name it, we talk about it. Everytime we have those talks I feel we are celebrating Mothers Day, all over again.

The complication I mentioned in my title can be described as “Too many mothers for one child”.  I will use my extended family as an example.  A granddaughter has a mom, and mother-in-law, and is a  mom.  So how and where does everyone fit in?  Then  there are  mother figures for some who are not related by blood.

The sad part in this story refers to the mothers who are no longer with us.  Mine has been gone for a number of years.  I still think of questions I wish I had asked her when she was alive.  Everytime I get a card that has been purchased I am reminded that she NEVER received a card she did not flip over to see how much it cost the sender.  She was a distant but good mother.  We all have baggage that is unspoken.  She was from a huge family, and I am guessing she had to develop that mind-set to survive.  I know she loved me and did her very best to parent the only way she knew how.

Today I am thinking about a special aunt who died much to young, my Aunt Mary.  I am sad that she did not live to see any of her grandchildren and  see how her example taught her two girls to be outstanding and loving mothers and grandmothers.

Mothering is probably more important than being President of the “ole” USA.  They are and have reared every public official, teacher, tradesman, banker, inventor, astronaut, community leader, living or dead.   For America to become great again mothers need to recognize how important their task is, and teach their kids the important lessens they need to know to be succesful, and not expect society to do it for them.  They need to teach by example,  teach respect, accountability, and help strengthen their  kids character, and impress on them how important education and family values are.  They need to insist on family time without devices in the room. It is importan for them to look them in the eyes and talk about nothing, so when something really important, or scary, or embarrassing happens in their lives talking  will be so natural that the conversation will just flow. Each mother has  an uncut diamond in their lives just waiting to be cut in a way that can  help them shine with brilliance.

May all mothers have a blessed day.  God Bless America and let us all do our part to make it great again.

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Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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2 Responses to MOTHERS DAY: Full of Love, Sadness and Complicated Feelings.

  1. ahuelon says:

    I clearly seem to focus on families & country, and what makes both strong. At least my opinions and biases lie in that field of dreams. Nothing is ever perfect, but we can all share successes and failures and strive for exelence.


  2. Reblogged this on AHUELON NEWS JOURNAL and commented:

    I wrote this last in 2017, but when words are full of truth they can be read year after year. I hope Mothers Day is special this year for everyone. After all we all had a mother. Maybe your happiness can just be in remembering events from past moments. Don’t for get women who filled mother’s rolls. Or maybe joy can be felt watching young mothers with their children. As for mothers who are no longer with us, just know that as long as they live in our hearts and minds they are still with us.


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