Goodbye Facebook: You Have Become Obsolete & Controlling & Mean-Spirited

Facebook could have been a huge success, and winner, had the founder not gotten carried away with his own narrow political beliefs, and tried to stomp out free speech, that is guaranteed in our constitution.facebook 5


I think connecting the world for the purpose of having honest conversations was a great idea and could have gone a long way in having a positive impact on the world.  Facebook was a wide open venue for sharing ideas and knowledge, but the atmosphere turned ugly and nasty in the end.  Yes, I said in the end, because Facebook is spiraling downward and will probably be of  no interest to most in a few short years.  Just like Hillary, he is going to be a big loser, in my humble opinion.

The first mistake Mr. Zuckerberg made was thinking the mass would put up with his attempt to squash free speech and conservative ideas.  What a narcissist he must be. The web is huge,  and there are so many ways to speak out and get quality information.

Facebook has become a public bully.  They target conservative groups, delete posts with messages they disagree with, put people in “Facebook Jail’ or knock them out completely.  They remove the “share” feature for some members. I have an acquaintance who has had to get twelve different accounts.  He is a patriot, a veteran, a conservative, loves America with all of his heart,  and is ferociously against child abuse, child and human trafficking, pedophilia, and organ mills.  His posts have addressed all the above subjects.  So is Facebook for all of the things my friend is against?

I have found many advertisers on Facebook to be sub par.  Of the four purchases I have made I  have had to get credits for the goods from my credit card company.  I have heard how the quality of women’s garments are terrible from some  online outlets. I should have paid attention.  I had one such purchase.  Their ad was beautiful.  When I got the two garments I ordered  the sizing was about four sizes off, the fabric and workmanship was terrible, to the point where I would not consider using them as cleaning rags.  They came from China, and it was practically impossible to get the promised 100 % money back guarantee they promised.  At one point they said I didn’t have to return the items and they would give me a 40% refund.  Not an option bucko. Their website was impossible to navigate, and they refused to give me their return address.  I finally went on messenger and told them I was going to report them and their practice to who ever allowed companies to do business in my state.   I also said I was going to spread the word on Facebook, and I did.  I looked on their website and read tons of negative stories similar to mine.  So if anyone is thinking about buying ANYTHING from a Facebook advertisers I recommend they do web searches and check them out.  Maybe Facebook should vet their advertisers  before they allow them to be on their site.  Could it be GREED that  stops them from vetting ?

I have seen some terrible and offensive things on Facebook, and when I have complained they have done nothing.  I think the people who do these reviews are sick and distorted individuals.  They saw nothing wrong with showing a simulation of Trump  being shot, yet I am sure if the same had happened with Obama they would have had a snit fit.Save snipped angry computer

Facebook controls who sees what. I had a conservation about this with a friend and fellow blogger, and he said he thinks Facebook’s being revenue driven will get worse, to the point where all of us will type something on our page and a message will pop up saying,  “If you want this message to be seen by your friends please pay this fee”.  If I held any stock in Facebook I would sell it.  They are going down the drain fast.

Fake news and virus’ runs ramped.  Facebook is trying to stomp out real news and are letting the false stories flood their site.  I regularly see stories about prominent people being killed in fiery crashes that are fake.  They promote the fake main stream news in their news feeds.  Recently two prayer requests, on Messager, with the subject matter being about severely injured or ill children was circulated by a hacker. Large numbers of people had to change their passwords and tell their FB friends not to accept any new requests from them.  What sick individuals would do such a thing?

The good things about Facebook are few and far between.  I will still look to them to enjoy the two Think Tanks I belong to.  I will keep in touch with family and friends who live across the USA.  I will enjoy my great grandkids when their pictures are posted.  I will scan the news, but will pass over most of it.  I will check in now and then on people I have gotten to know over the past few years on FB. But I will get my real news from reputable sources beyond Facebook’s reach.

There are some quality sources I will share here for anyone looking for quality information, that I have found worth viewing.  One of my favorites is PragerU.  It is a nonprofit on-line video source with quality, five to seven minute, informational videos.  Their library has over one hundred offerings.  Their conservative approach and concise and powerful “lessons” are a mini educational experience.

Another favorite I enjoy is, ACLJ, which stands for American Center for Law & Justice. Jay Sekulow is their chief counsel and often is featured on talk shows as a guest.  This group is politically conservative and Christian based,  and promotes social activism. Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch are a close second and third, with their search for the truth.  They are bipartisan and go after anyone in government, from city, state and federal levels, who are side-stepping the law, all over the United States.    Bill Whittle is another one to follow.  He has a program called Right Angle where he and two other conservative thinkers talk for a while, plus he has his own show that is based in CA.   I get notifications from the above sources via email.  Go to anyone’s site you think you  want to follow.  It is easy to get videos and written messages and newsletters from them.  A great way to bypass Facebook.  Also check out World Think Tank for quality discussions.  It is a closed group, limited to about 200.  Only members can make comments but anyone can read the material shared their.

As for future messaging, I have found Skype, and their option for typing conversations  fabulous, in addition to having face to face video encounters. So Facebook has almost becoming a memory for me.   I would love to have a conversation on how others are figuring out how to keep the conservative dialog going. Just pop in to my blog and click “comment” below the text of a blog and the fun can begin.   We are going to need to be proactive, because the blackout is going to get worse.  Let us join together, and figure out how to keep the conservative message alive. We need to support the effort to Make America Great Again.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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3 Responses to Goodbye Facebook: You Have Become Obsolete & Controlling & Mean-Spirited

  1. abodyofhope says:

    Thank you for this informative article! I have taken a big step back from being online in general this past year, so I had no idea facebook was deleting posts.

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  2. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    Yes, unfortunately, Facebook and twitter have followed the liberal media in America and elsewhere. I am befuddled that outfits like theirs, would even take sides, ANY SIDES. They are there so that ordinary people have a voice, that is what we want to counter the endless fake news of agencies like CNN, NBC,ABC,CBS,and the worst of all MSNBC. Amazing that the latter is still on the air.


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