Today on Memorial Day I am filled with gratitude for the freedoms ALL Americans are enjoying. Even the un-americans, who are trying to destroy them, are still being protected by those freedoms. Many times in the past I only considered this special day to be just another holiday for relaxation. Today I look at this day as a means to reflect on the cost of the freedoms we enjoy.  I also look at the narrative that is surrounding us that is aimed at derailing the freedoms we have been given. Our founders  were very wise when they thoughtfully crafted our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Some believe their plan is out dated. I recommend those  who believe such nonsense read and study what they consider to be old-fashioned and not relevant with an open mind. My thoughts are mainly on our military, but other aspects of the crisis we lived through these past eight years are close behind, and I want to briefly mention them on this day of remembrance.Flag

During the past eight years I have seen our freedoms stomped on. They started seeping away quietly, almost secretly. The farce of being politically correct began eroding our freedom of speech. The narrative of “GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM” was a ruse to distract from the real problem. There was an attempt to wipe out history or re-write it. Law enforcement was chopped off at the knees. Our brave military was left in the cold, so to speak, and brave patriots were abandoned and left to die needlessly.

Finally enough Americans woke up and elected a president who saw our downward spiral, and who truly loved his country and ours, enough to put aside a comfortable and successful career, and life to stand of for our freedoms.  He convinced  his family that something needed to be done, and got them on board for one of the bumpiest rides ever in the history of politics. He was the first in my recollection who used his own funds to run his primary campaign, knowing that he would have an uphill battle from beginning to end.Trump hugging flag

The current “politically correct” movement, that seems more like an albatross around our necks, defies all reason.  All we need to do is to use our common sense, be respectful of one another, be willing to have honest and open debates, and truly listen to one another. Many of our riots are stirred up by politically correct notions gone awry. Riots only divide and destroy. Restrained protests can highlight the need for discussions. Martin Luther King was a good example of how change can come from a peaceful approach. The race baiters hate that example.  The left has come up with the nonsense of being politically correct to smash opposing views. Theirs is a classic bullying tactic. Our Constitution doesn’t protect us from hearing things we do not want to hear.  An adult attitude is what is needed, and Snowflakes don’t seem to have an adult bone in their bodies. So in one short paragraph I have presented a road map to follow to see how free speech is good for America.

Now to the assault on guns. This is the easiest one to whack to the ground. “Guns kill” is the mantra.  Ok, lets examine other ways people are killed. Knives kill. Automobiles and trucks kill. Rocks and sticks can as well. Balls of twine can be dangerous. Pillows can suffocate. Fertilizers and chemicals can be used for bomb making. Get the point? The common denominator is that people kill. So maybe we should focus on people who want to kill us. There are some who make no bones about wanting Americans dead. Homeland  Security needs to do more than make lists of people who openly hate us. If there are illegals threatening us then kick them out. Vetting is essential for anyone entering our great land. And if a culture or religion is found to be endangering lives or our society they need to be reformed or be removed. All dangerous citizens need to be reported and watched. I question anyone who doesn’t see these statements as sound ideas. This is not Rocket Science.memoral day airplane.PNG

Next lets look at our military. Many members in this patriotic profession have given the  ultimate, their lives. Our troops keep us safer than if they were absent. They need our full support while in action and after they come home. Many veterans return home broken and damaged, suffering from the consequences of the war zones they were thrust into.  Remember why they were there, to save us from harm.  Silly Snowflakes ridicule them even thought they are benefiting from the veterans  contribution, called freedom. The Veterans Administration even turns on these heroes in their time of need by not providing adequate support for the damage war has caused. Their hospitals are riddled with controversy and corruption, an element of the swamp that Trump is trying to drain.

Last but not least are our men and women in blue. They have been facing a backlash from some in society who seem to want lawlessness as the norm for America. That seems unbelievable to me. Police are gunned down for doing their jobs. Some have been assassinated in their cars. Some have been prosecuted for doing their jobs. This movement seemed to have gotten a head of steam when the drugged and  dangerous bully named Michael Brown was killed.  The “Hands up Don’t Shoot” movement, which turned out to be a false narrative, sprung up, then switched to Black Lives Matter. This group looks very similar to the KKK to me.  All lives matter no matter what anyone says, in my opinion.  Can anyone comprehend what a family feels like when their loved one leaves for work knowing that by simply doing their job they might be killed?

Today I would hope that we sit for a moment and remember our history and how we ended up with our freedoms. Studying history is so important. I would never support any movement that tries to rewrite or erase it.  Removing statues and defacing  memorials do not erase the facts.  We can be reminded that our history is full of lessons, some successes, some failures, and we can learn from both. America has not always been perfect. But we must honor the brave men and women who have given their lives for this great nation. They are a huge part of our history.

Today I am giving thanks to all Americans who are fighting for us. I am remembering those who are no longer here. Their part in this journey should never be forgotten. We must realize the ultimate goal is to save America, our Constitution, our freedoms, and our way of life. The devil never sleeps, but neither does God. God Bless America, God Bless all Americans, and may we discard the labels that divide us, and start working together TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. That will offend the Fake Media and the left, and that is a good thing.



About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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  1. ahuelon says: Robert Surgenor’s story of The Star Spangled Banner. We must never forget our history.


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