Intuition is the result of being in the moment and being tuned in to what is happening. Words that come to mind are feelings, gut reactions, hunches, perception, ESP, instinct,  and  having a sixth sense. I think it could  be considered one of the highest forms of awareness in the universe. Recognising intuition is a great thermometer for measuring if one is on the right path. I think our youth and the Snowflakes in the world are missing this link of awareness, maybe because of drugs, alcohol, lazy thinking, and a result of the fake education they are getting.

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Parents develop it with their kids. Exceptional teachers, inventors, great journalist and investigators are some who have developed this sixth sense. A mom that is considered to have “eyes in the back of her head” is exercising this gift.

Intuitive moments are indications that a special energy is present.  If I go in a room and feel vibes, that could be either good or bad, I pay attention.  I have a friend who I can read like a book. I can tell the minute I lay eyes on this person whether she is in a good or bad place at that moment. This kind of insight can be valuable in the workplace and in life in general.

I remember a moment of being “Tuned In” while teaching a class in floral design. I noticed a student who was so frozen that she just sat staring at her materials. I asked her to walk to the door and throw out her fear. I said “I can’t teach you both”. She did, and came back a different person, and was successful in doing a beautiful project.  I hope she took an additional lesson about herself away as well.

I have never been convinced that Psychics were real, but I had a visit with one whose intuitiveness blew me out of the water.   She told me that I would live on the water in the near future. I discounted her comment until I met and married a man, who lived on a beautiful fresh water lake, where I spent nineteen wonderful years. I was reminded of the Psychic’s words the first time I saw that lake.

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Kids that get into drugs and alcohol do not develop this useful tool of navigating the world.  Drugs stamp out critical thinking. What is left is a brain full of fog, and unreliable information. If “relaxation” is the goal, I believe there are healthier ways to achieve that frame of mind that isn’t destructive. It they are trying to escape problems or challenges in life those problems will be waiting when the effect of drugs and alcohol wear off. The only way to move forward is to figure out how to solve the problems and hurdles they face. Intuition can help in their journey if they are willing to face life without those crutches.

Life can be full of surprises, and developing intuitions can be a valuable tool for navigating the journey we are all on. All we probably have to do is be awake and aware.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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