If I Was Michael Brown’s Mother…. Justice vs Feelings of Racism……Plus 2017 Update


I wrote his blog three years ago about how I thought Michael Brown’s mother could make a positive difference from the tragic death of her son. Here is an update on the Brown case three years later.  Justice has not been served. Michael Brown’s parents have recently been awarded one and a half million dollars for the wrongful death of their son’s death. This is a mockery. The facts are this. Michael Brown was a drugged up bully who refused to follow officer Darren  Wilson’s orders to stand down. Brown continued to charge and assault Wilson, and tried to grab Wilson’s weapon, and was eventually shot dead. What followed was tragic. Brown’s step father helped incite a riot by saying “Burn this Mother f***er down”, “Burn the b**** down”, according to the New York Times. Shortly after his rant an eruption broke out by some protesters who were unhappy that Wilson…

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