History’s Truth Cannot Be Ignored Or Destroyed….Or Can IT?

When I hear that statues connected to the Civil war are being removed I can’t help but wonder the point of these misguided individuals. Will Martin Luther King Jr’s remembrances be next? Doesn’t the Fake News realize there are honest investigators in America that are willing to search and dig for the REAL TRUTH, and their message will prevail? Will the politically correct movement be revealed as the hoax it is and shown up as a Bully tactic used by the LEFT LEANING POLITICIANS? Will the fact that the two major parties were uncovered as being much the same and part of the swamp Trump tried to drain? And will a culture bent on taking over America be stopped or will they prevail? And will the fact that Obama hated America so completely that he spent eight years, with the help of Congress, trying to destroy what our founding fathers had envisioned? And how is history going to look at the Clinton legacy?Robert E. Lee

In fifty years I think people looking back at todays history  are going to ask, “What were they thinking?” Angry people are being misguided in trying to remove statues representing part of our Civil War past. How can part of a war’s history not be relevant? History is a great teacher. We learn by our successes and failures alike. One of my friends said, “Let them take away all of the statues, and we can just say that slavery never happened, and White Privilege never existed.

I am surprised that Black Lives Matter supporters are not trying to destroy Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy, since he was for non-violence, and they seem to be one hundred percent for violence with every childish cause they take up. I think they will be looked at through the lens of the black version of the KKK.

I think when Obama’s legacy is revisited he is going to be shown as a President who hated America so much that he tried to destroy it in every way possible. They are going to wonder why he threw away the opportunity that was in his grasp, to help America continue the progress it had enjoyed at healing racial issues. Instead he poured gasoline on the problem and lit a match. He Cut the legs out from under America’s Justice System, tried to sidestep our Constitution, and encouraged a culture pretending to be a religion, to evade America, and try to change the fabric of who and what America stood for.

Thank goodness Peter Schweizer wrote the book, “Clinton Cash” for history to see how corrupt the Clinton Foundation was, and if anyone follows the trail of the Clinton’s back to the days before Bill Clinton was Governor of AK their stomach will turn upside down with disgust and horror. History will never get these truths from the Fake Media that was happy to turn a blind eye. After Schweizer’s book was published the FBI began an investigation on the Foundation, that seemed to  thrive, while Hillary was a Senator and Secretary of State. That investigation is still going on today in 2017. The book details how foreign governments helped to make the Clinton’s rich. I wonder if the true tale of the Clinton’s actions will ever fully see the light of day or proper justice? Thank goodness Hillary was beaten in 2016. If she had won we would have probably lost our freedom of speech and the second amendment which allows Americans the right to bare arms, and we would be headed for losing our sovereignty as a nation. If James Michener wrote a complete historical version of the Clinton’s it would probably have more than the three volumes it took him to cover “Texas”, his historical novel series on that great state.

Next, I am wondering how history will view Islam, Muslims, Muhammad who was an Islamic prophet, and Sharia Law, in the context of those followers trying to overtake America with that culture, religion and belief system. They will probably scratch their heads. Why would America allow anyone’s law, other than their own, to rule? Why would they condone a “Profit’s teachings” who practiced and supported Pedophilia by marrying underaged girls, which is against the law in America, having multiple wives, writing about killing anyone who did not embrace his religion, believed in breeding with only people who followed his religion causing massive in-breeding with disastrous results, to take over? How will the history books address the fact that Muslim clergy, called Imams, preached against assimilating into American culture, and that groups who routinely chanted, “Death to America”, were allowed? How will history view that the word Islam means submission, and America is built on freedoms. The two seem incompatible to me.

And in fifty years will the news and media still have their heads in the sand, still not  reporting truthful news, and covering up facts. Or will they finally be reporting true and factual information not tainted with their slant or biases,and allow the readers to decide what they believe, based on facts and not opinions. Will they still be covering up stories they want to hide, like Hillary’s health during the 2016 campaign, when she clearly had some serious problems. Or Will they still be trying to report  their version of what they want readers to believe, thinking that their job is to brainwash Americans.

My thought is that if by fifty years from now, and America is saved, our history will be there for many to read, and learn from. If America is lost it won’t matter, because any remnant of truthful history may have been destroyed.

I hope Americans stand up for this great country, and corrects the nonsense going on today, and works diligently to save our country, and our history, for future generations. Many lessons are learned by reading about our successes and failures. Future Americans will gain the insight from our REAL HISTORY, if it is preserved, to keep working on the concept that America has the potential of becoming or remaining great. Remembering and honoring our history is the greatest tribute we can offer our founders.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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