I wrote this blog in September of 2014. I think it was my third blog ever. After 15 or so blogs, and less than a year, I took a few years off. I was primarily focused on mental issues, and got to the point where each new blog would have just been a ditto of one I had already written.

I began blogging again this past Spring with a broader focus, but am drawn back to my original interest, with some additional topics including, prevention, parenting, family, communication and some political leaning views.

I am amazed at how society has not changed their views on mental disorders. This month holds a sad reminder…. of Robin Williams’ death…. on Aug. 11, several years back. I am disappointed that a movement, related to mental problems, did not catch fire in honor of him. Robin was very special and gave the world so much joy.

I would hazard to guess that everyone reading these words knows someone who has been touched with some form of mental illness. The ones plagued, learn to be great actors or hide in that damn closet of shame and suffer alone.

I was touched when I reread the comments attached to this reblogged  post. I have come a long way in living with my condition. Writing helps me keep level. I love how I can lose myself when writing. I have read about others having the same experience. I think just releasing the built up energy helps in some way. I recently read “Having flawed chemistry does not mean you have a flawed character”. Brovo to who ever said that.

If anyone is unclear on where to start a dialog with me let me suggest we can do it on Marty’s Bipolar Trek. The link is under my Home Page picture at top center. I get alearts when anything is posted in any comment section. If anyone writes anything I will find it and respond as soon as I can. I invite all to join in and create a discussion, wheather a friend, family member or sufferer…………..So if anyone wants to read what a manic episode sounds like here is a birdseye view of one………………………..


Yes I am in the mist of an episode right this minute. I have been manic most of the last few days. This blog will probably not be my best writing, because I am having problems focusing and organizing my thoughts, because they are coming too fast to process, but here goes.

I  think I know what triggered it. A little over a month ago when Robin Williams committed suicide I wrote my feeling on my Face Book page. It read,” I think you must have had to suffer depression to really understand how hopeless and powerless it makes you feel. Often depressed souls are great actors when around other people. Many hide it by withdrawing. There seems to be a big stigma to mental illness. Answers are hard to come by for victims and loved ones. Pray for all who suffer”.

I had two very interesting responses to that post…

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