Suicide is such a tragic end, and sometimes the seed that ends up being tossed out grows into despair and is called bullying. Eric Boling’s son died yesterday from this sad cause. I am wondering if his dad’s problems of being bullied, from someone I consider to be a serial trouble maker, had anything to do with this tragedy? Being a conservative in America today is like walking around with a Bullseye on our backs, and the crazy, unethical left is more than happy to stir up fake allegations, while covering up their real deeds of crimes and corruption.


Bullying equates to raping the spirit and soul of every victim, in my opinion. Being bullied changes the child, youth or young adult forever.

I wonder how many adults have mental issues because they were bullied as children?  That would be a great study for professionals  to take on if it has not already been done.  I was bullied as a child by  my mother. I lived with constant stress at a time when I could not process that I was being wrongfully treated.  I am Bipolar.  Did that damaging treatment have anything to do with my life long  circumstance?

We hear often about teens committing suicide because of depression and feelings of isolation. Some have even had their parents support, and have gone to the sources of the bullying without proper resolutions or help. That is in its self  a crime. I recently read where a set of parents…

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Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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