Kaepernick Missed The Boat With His Protests & Clones Are Following Suit

There are many issues the African-American community is facing, and Colin missed them miserably. His concerns could have addressed the wholesale murdering of black babies through abortions. The killing of blacks by blacks is another biggie. Instead  he chose to attack America. This country has afforded him great monetary wealth and popularity. Then there are calls for boycotts from all sides which I think is quite interesting. Thank goodness some respected people have come out against his misguided behavior. This movement should be stomped out.

Kaepernick first started his protest in 2016. Why did he ignore facts this 2015 list of statistics provided if he was concerned with the well-being of blacks?
Blacks killed by Whites:  2%
Blacks killed by Police: 1%
Whites killed by Police: 3%
Whites killed by Whites: 16%
Whites killed by Blacks: 81%
Blacks killed by Blacks:

I could not remember the reason Colin started his protest and had to do some research. I found that his focus was his perception of Police brutality against blacks, which is clearly a false narrative based on the list above.

I believe the clones who are following his behavior are misguided by attacking America, our flag and the national anthem. Instead of facilitating dialog to correct their concerns they are putting a wedge between American’s and any positive resolution. They are creating a tug of war between those who love America and those who want it destroyed. They are also damaging the NFL which accounts for their lively hood and entertainment for Americans to enjoy. Shame on all levels of management who have not put a stop to this nonsense.

There are calls for boycotts from both sides. One is from people who are mad that no team wants to hire this “Hot Potato”. They seem to ignore the fact that Colin is no longer an effective Quarter Back, and is a distraction and detriment to the concept of “Team player”, which is important in developing a winning model. Single star players seldom are able to carry a team to victory. I think many teams want to focus on being the best team possible and leave politics and protests outside of their sport.

Others calling for boycotts are the  fans who want sports to be solely entertainment. Another segment loves America, our flag, and hearing and singing our national anthem at games. I think this group realises there are problems in out society but think there are better and more productive ways to target them. This group will speak loudly with their dollars when they refuse to attend games and avoid buying sports related paraphernalia. Last year there were a lot of empty seats in some stadiums. The number will increase this year if this kind of protest continues. This group will not entertain the games on TV or radio.

I recently was listening to a conservative radio station in Seattle, WA. Callers flooded the station with their views when asked if the Seahawks continued to allow protests on their field what would be their reaction. Callers who had followed them for years said they would not watch ANY GAME that allowed protesters on the field.Browns stand with police

Here is what a famous and well-respected retired football player had to say about the protests, and Colin. To paraphrase Jim Brown, he criticized the way Colin Kaepernick chose to protest during the presentation of The Star Spangle Banner before football games saying it was disrespectful towards the American Flag. He spoke to his old team, the Cleveland Browns. He said that Kaepernick started his protest because of his belief that police were treating minorities unfairly. He continued saying that any protest should be well thought out and be geared for others to help work to correct the problem if it exists. He also said he thought  the players should honor the wishes of the owners who are paying the players millions. He added that Colin had to make up his mind whether he was truly an activist or was he a football player? He added that playing football is a job working for owners who pay their salaries. There are fans to be considered as well. Both need to be honored in exchange for making huge salaries. I understand the entire team stood after Jim Brown spoke to them, and they also stood in a line with arms interlocked with law enforcement and military personality. This kind of action can have a healing effect and lead to meaningful dialog going forward.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has made it clear that he expects everyone on the sideline of his games to stand, put their hand over their heart, and be respectful when the National Anethum is being played before every game. He made a statement after the opening game this past week-end. He commented that he was proud of his team  coaching staff, and his entire organization, by the way they showed respect. He also added that he strongly supports the flag in every possible way possible. He added that anyone who acts in any way to disrespect the flag during any game is disappointing to him personally. His coach, Jason Garrett, said that the players, franchises, and the NFL as a whole make a lot of money using their massive public platform, and that they should not abuse that privilege.Trump hugging flag

I think, as fans, we can contact companies who endorse any player who uses his place on a team to show disrespect to the American Flag. It is a small gesture  but worth doing. Maybe that will get the athletes attention.

I wish we could all consider ourselves Americans, and stop the fighting, and begin healing, and strive to solve the many glaring problems America is facing. The trouble makers need to be shut down. I believe in free speech and free expression, but much thought needs to be exercised to not misuse those sacred gifts and work to make all of our lives better.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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