Rob McPherson Hits The Nail On The Head When Talking About The NFL Only Being A Bussiness….And More.

I wish Rob was a blogger, but since he is not, I had to share his journalistic-style post. His research and views are a great insight on the NFL and some of the players. He graciously gave me permission to share his post. When posting on Facebook the message is lost and forgotten in a week or so. I want Rob’s words to have a broader and more lasting audience. He is from Tacoma, WA. Here is what he had to say…………………………….

“It is becoming increasingly hard to remain a Seahawks Fan. I know all the loyal 12’s will chirp in, “Then you never were a Fan”. Wrong, because I once choose to follow a team doesn’t mean that I will blindly follow them for eternity regardless of their actions. The real fact is, and many of you miss it, the NFL is a business and their business model thrives by creating a fan base. They are a business just like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and a million others. The difference is their business plays a game for a living and profits by creating “Fanatical” fans that will buy jerseys, tickets, flags, and any piece of merchandise they can make marketable. And if you think that loyalty is mutual think again. How many teams made moves today to more marketable cities?  How about the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders? They left their fans for more profitable locations. The Hawks are no different. Do you remember Ken Bering was a fraction of an inch away from moving the Hawks to Southern California? If you think this is a new phenomenon I suggest you do your research. Very few teams are in their original location. By the way where are the Sonics? They are another good example of professional sports business.

The Players, with few exceptions, are no different. They will go to the next team that offers them more money and a better contract. Think about how many players have come and gone from the Seahawks roster, a staggering number. Jerry Rice, Franco Harris, and John Randle (all in the Hall of Fame) all played for the Seahawks. This is a perfect example of the mercenary business of the NFL. Once again, it is a business for both the owners and players, always vying for the next best opportunity. Do I blame them, “No”, it is a business. They have every right to do that to create the best opportunity for themselves.

In summary, the NFL, and to that extent the Seahawks, have created a blind loyalty through a great business model. They have created a herd of Lemmings that will blindly follow their Team over the cliff regardless of what they stand for or do.

Now that I have, without a doubt, exposed the NFL for what it truly is, a Business, let me move onto my second point. I don’t care to hear Players opinions on political matters, especially when so much hypocrisy is involved. This mainly stems from the recent political voices aired by Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett.

My problem with the Seahawks began a few years ago when I heard an interview on the radio from a former Seahawk lineman, John Moffit, say that he had asked Marshawn Lynch, “Why don’t we ever hang out”, to which Lynch replied, “Cause I don’t like white people”. Think about that for a second, and if the roles had been reversed and Moffit replied that he didn’t like black people what would have happened? There would have been a public outcry to have Moffit kicked off the team. But there exists a double standard in discrimination.

Around the same time I attended the annual Richard Sherman charity softball game, which was great and for a worthy cause. But at the end of it Michael Bennett grabbed the microphone so that he could tell the crowd that he wanted to thank Black Santa, Black Jesus, Oprah Winfrey, and Barrack Obama. Again, the double standard for prejudices continued. Last year, before the Detroit game, I heard Michael Bennett during a radio interview being asked about facing Zach Miller, the Detroit Running Back, to which Bennett replied that Miller wasn’t bad for a White Running Back. How many hypocritical prejudices do I need to hear from this person before realizing that perhaps he has no objectivity.

Now Bennett has decided to join the likes of Colin Kaepernick in disrespecting the Flag and National Anthem, for a cause that is not entirely justified. Yes, prejudices still exist, and all is not perfect in America, but I defy you to go anywhere else in this world that has it better, or a place that is trying to make it better more than America. If Black lives matter to you so much I suggest that you look no further than your own culture for the remedy.

It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone. University of Toledo criminologist, Dr. Richard R. Johnson, examined the latest crime data from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control and found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012. Professor Johnson’s research further concluded that 112 black men died from both justified and unjustified police-involved killings annually during this same period.

If facts don’t matter to you the above will probably have no bearing on your emotional and erroneous beliefs. However, if you want to make things better look at yourself, and your community, and honestly ask yourself if you are making a difference, or simply confusing the issues that are really devastating your culture. It is no longer, 1861 (Civil War), or the 1960’s (Civil Rights). It is 2017. We have had a President of the United States, Secretary of States (twice), Supreme Court Justices, and countless other high-ranking Offices filled by Black Men and Women. Progress has been made, and continues to be made in spite of some people’s efforts to divide us further.

For those of you that believe the NFL is a friend to the Black culture, prepare to have your world unraveled. For years the fallacy and myth that the NFL offers poor Blacks youths the only opportunity to escape the inner city life has been bought hook, line, and sinker. These misguided young men have been lead to believe that through hard work and exercise they can achieve fame and riches in the NFL. The chances of a young Black man making it through High School sports, college Football and then arriving at the NFL are miniscule. However, the myth has been engrained in the culture, and young men spend all their time and energy working out, practicing, and preparing for an NFL career, only to find out that it is like winning the lottery with a one in a ten million odds.  If we, as a society, could convince these young men that through study and hard work they could achieve more attainable and rewarding results we could be ahead of the success curve. True, typically, a Bachelor of Arts Degree isn’t going to land you a multi-million dollar contract, but it can land you a very secure and rewarding career that would allow you to further your life and that of your family, a much more attainable and realistic goal.

Just this past week Michael Bennett came out and accused the Las Vegas Police of misconduct. Without hearing both sides of the story Pete Carroll and the NFL came out in support of Bennett. Now the Police are threatening a suit against Bennett for Liable  and Slander, and have asked the NFL to investigate the instance and possibly take action against Bennett. The NFL has denied their request. Funny how they jumped to a player’s defense and support without any facts, but when asked to investigate the facts they would rather play the role of an Ostrich and stick their head in the sand. Additionally, how much of a coincidence is it that the player leading the cause against Police misconduct finds himself in Las Vegas and the target of misconduct – what are the odds.

I am tired of the erroneous truths being put forth by misguided and malicious people. When I have to pick between the USA and your flawed believes, that run contrary to everything I believe in I will gladly chose my side – America. I will continue to watch football, I do love the sport. But I will avoid the beginning of the game and your imprudent antics towards the Flag and Anthem. I will no longer buy any jerseys, hats, flags, and/or any such paraphernalia as it is only lining the pockets of those further dividing our Country.

To the NFL and the Seahawks, kudos to you. You have truly developed an envious business model that is serving you well. You are all becoming multi-millionaires for playing a game.

If we want to know who to value in our culture look no further than those we could not do without. What would our cities and towns look like without Police Officers, Nurses, Soldiers, Doctors, Teachers, Builders, and so many more hard-working people? Our society would come to a complete and utter stop with anarchy soon to follow without these unmentioned Hero’s. However, remove Football Players, Coaches, and Owners and what would happen? Nothing, other than a loss of short-term entertainment. Think about who we should value and listen to in our lives. It is definitely not grown men that play a game for a living.”

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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