SDI: Defense against a Lunatic in N. Korea ? … Does Trump have it backwards ?

Atridim News Journal

I am pleased to announce that Thomas C. Patterson, past Arizona state legislator and guest journalist on Atridim News Journal since 2013, will present a series of reports on subjects of great importance to America and our world. The first in the series is about the Strategic Defense Initiative and the explosive situation in North Korea.

I asked Tom why he is presenting his voice on ANJ. His reply:


Thomas C. Patterson is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Nebraska. He was elected to the Arizona State Senate in 1989, serving as minority leader from 1991 to 1992 and majority leader from 1993 to 1996. Patterson was the author of legislation creating Arizona’s charter school system and welfare reform program. Until 1998, he was a practicing physician and president of Emergency Physicians, Inc.. Patterson also served as president of the Arizona chapter of the American College…

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5 Responses to SDI: Defense against a Lunatic in N. Korea ? … Does Trump have it backwards ?

  1. ahuelon says:

    This is an excellent over view of how we got where we are in regards to North Korea. I hope many read this and pass it on to others.

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  2. atridim says:

    Thanks for your reblog!
    Captain Rick


  3. ahuelon says:

    The Grid aspect scares me as well. I think that is where they are putting their efforts. Can you imagine living without electricity for a year or more. I watched a video on what would happen and it was not a pretty picture. Even the progressive and Congress would not make it, unless the underground cities I have heard about are really in place. I can hardly believe that our government has been so stupid. I think we need to wipe out all possibility of a nuclear attack but what do I know. I don’t think the leader of North Korea even care about his own people. He will not allow any humanitarian help. The people only hear the message the leaders want them to hear. They think America wants to kill them. They are in the dark about truth. It is sad. I am sure Trump is trying to figure things out but will it be in time. God I hope so. The above blog of Dr. Patterson’s thoughts were interesting to read.


  4. ahuelon says:

    More on the grid. Imagine only having the gas in your tank and the food in your house. Where would you get fresh water, even if you had a backup supply. Fuel of all kinds would be depleted quickly, even wood. Communication would come to a screeching halt. Goods would not move. No cell service after generators stopped and would go silent. Mode of transportation would be your on legs and where would you go anyway? Hospitals would soon run out of power, water and more. I don’t think many have considered that this could happen. Life would not have any quality for the ten percent who survived. Bone chilling thoughts.


  5. ahuelon says:

    This comment was made on the original post by Richard Forscutt and I wanted it here as well………………I’m not sure what Trump can do differently. We’re now at a point, it would seem, of destroying Kim Jong In and North Korea if they don’t give up their nuclear weapons or Kim gets rid of nukes and agrees with the position of the U.S. I don’t think we have any third way any more. Kim has forced us into a kill us or we kill them. Obama and Clinton have created the damage and now Trump is forced into trying to undo the damage and preventing Kim from nuking the U.S. or nuking the grid (Former Rep. Allan West suggested). I heard 90% of Americans would be killed if grid is attacked by Kim.



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