Here is an update on a blog I published several years ago, that I think still holds true today.

I remember how I was feeling the day I wrote the original blog. I was feeling old and sad. Here are some updated thoughts from then. I am amazed at how good I am doing heading into the holiday season this year. One choice I have made is to not zero in on any specific expectations and just let life happen. Another biggie is to not get drawn into things I have no control over. I wish I had followed this years ago.

I have some wonderful interests that make me happy, that need no one but me to engage in. I still quilt, read, and work on “Hard copy” pictures albums I started a few years ago. I hope to finish the nine soon. I have found Flickr as a place to save and share photos as well.

My Blogging has taken off. I love doing it. I have piles of  notes and files for future blogs. I cover many subjects that interest me. I still talk about my take on being Bipolar, but that subject does not dominate my writing. I took a two-year break, because I blogged primarily about my being bipolar and got a pretty good following. The stories of followers affected me negatively, because I felt their pain. I have since learned to read painful stories and not let them become a trigger.
I have adjusted to being “Old as dirt” and not being able to travel. Facebook keeps me connected with family members and friends who are computer savvy. I telephone those who are not. I have three great-grandchildren that keep me entertained with pictures their parents post.
I live mostly in the present, where my power is. I think learning to love myself unconditionally has helped.  I fill my mind with positive, “Self Talk”. Whether I am having a good day or a bad day I honor who I am, and how I am feeling, and keep on keeping on. It seems to be working. I cannot remember a super low or high episode  in a long time. I do not let disappointments derail me as they once did. I consider that a miracle. I hope everyone reading this will take their power back and “HANG ON”  when things look bleak around the holidays. There is probably much joy hanging around the next bend. If sadness pops in, honor it and allow it to pass. If the sadness involves people who are no longer alive concentrate on when they were here and remember and honor them with your memories. One great activity is to write those memories down for future generations to read. That is turning a negative into a positive on the highest level, in my humble opinion.


Holidays change over the years depending on age and circumstances.  I am a senior and Bipolar, and those two thing color my emotions and feelings of well-being.

My extended family lives in TX, CO, AZ, and CA. My kids, grandchildren, and great grand children, who live within 30 miles from me, are busy with their activities. I moved to my present location over four years ago, and I haven’t connected with many people who are beyond casual acquaintances. I have slowed down a lot due to my age. So the holiday season is not anything I look forward to.

Years ago I decided what special days were important to me personally. I came up with my birthday and Mother’s Day.  The other days took on a different meaning for me. I consider Christmas to be the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. A family meal is a nice addition. I give to…

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  1. ahuelon says:

    Thanks for dropping in. You know you are a big reason why I am on track and having so many good days. I would not be blogging had it not been for you…discovering me…encouraging me…. cheering me on…. guiding me….critiquing me…teaching me…mentoring me, and so much more. Despite our differences, which made life interesting at times, I will always cherish the time you took to help me A note…. Sigrid mentioned having some problems with tags and categories. I sniped a picture from the write page, to the right side of the page. I don’t know if her page looks the same as mine. I hope it helped…I haven’t heard.. I remember how overwhelmed when I first started. When I started again last spring I had a new feeling of confidence that I lacked when I first started. I am not afraid of my computer anymore. You have taught me how to look for things. I remember how I felt when I first wrote the above blog. I have come miles. It is something that can be reblogged yearly I think. I am looking forward to the this years c
    Holiday Lights and for your next presentation of your next son on You Tube and where ever you chose to upload it. Keep healthy and safe, and have a wonderful New Year.


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