Reflections on 2017: Part 2…Open Secrets… Sexual Misconduct Across the Nation

I am puzzled over the explosion that erupted over sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other places, since it has been an open secret for decades. However, I am happy the subject finally broke out of its grave, buried in broad daylight. The outburst uncovered stories in almost every segment of society imaginable.

Rose McGowan was the one who placed the straw on the camel’s back that apparently broke it. She divulged actions of Harvey Weinstein. He was a power player in sin city and the entertainment industry. Many people have been well aware of his behavior for decades.  Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Howard Stern, Brad Pitt and Jane Fonda are just a smidgen of people who have come out admitting they knew or suspected there was a problem. By some accounts Oprah enabled a few meetings with some ladies that ended up being victimized. Hollywood seemed to be a huge “Halls of Shame”.

Harvey was accused of rape, sexually harassing and assaulting women. He paid off  accusers  for decades. Most collected between $80,000.00 and $150,000.00. Weinstein Co. knew about the payoffs since 2015. Previsions were written into his contract about pay offs.  The agreement stated that settlements would be paid as long as he paid the money back with penalties attached. Each event would have an increased fine. The stories, that many have made public, have been full of sick and disgusting events.

A list of others accused in the industry is long and still growing. Some who have been accused are, celebrity chef Mario Batavi, comedian Louis C. K., Richard Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Steven Segal, Kevin Spacey and many producers, directors, and others mixed in the Hollywood community.  Many have not been  officially charged, some have lost jobs, some have denied the allegations, and some have apologized. One former child actor even mentioned the subject  of abuse on a Barbara Walters interview years ago and began talking about his memories in 2017.

May I add that the room full of black clad ladies that attended the recent Golden Globe Awards were in the company of a bunch of hypocrites. They reminded me of the thief who  is sorry for getting caught but not for the theft. They were celebrating 2017 accomplishments, pretending they were shocked and supporting the victims, yet Mc Gowan was not invited to the event.

The media has been hit hard as well. Matt Lauer of NBC, who has been vocal about  charges against Trump, that have not been proven, has fallen flat on his hypocritical face. Charlie Rose, a talk show host for CBS, is also gone. Several producers and employees in that field have also been fired. Power sometimes breeds some bad behavior.

Congress has a black eye over this as well. John Conyer, a Democratic House of Representative, resigned over allegations a woman in his office made. She claimed she was fired because she rejected his sexual advances. Before he decided to resign he threatened to take many down with him if he was forced to leave. I am sorry he did not carry out his threat. He reportedly paid some “hush” money, over $27,000, to settle this complaint under a confidentiality agreement. It was reported that the funds came from his allowance to run his D. C. office, which is supported by tax payers. Cokie Roberts said that females knew not to get into an empty elevator with Conyer, again proof that the problem was an open secret.

AZ  Representative Trent Franks resigned over allegations. A U. S. appeals court Judge, 67-year-old Alex Kozinsky, chose to retired from his lifetime appointment after dozens of women came forward with damaging claims of sexual misconduct. And let us not forget Senator Al Franken who was  pictured touching Leeann Tweeden’s chest while she was asleep and stories from other women. Thank God he resigned.

What troubles me is that there has been a slush fund in place for ten years to settle claims in the event money was needed to settle sexual harassment complains. This fund was for members of congress to draw from. This slush fund was supplied by  taxpayers. This was set up in the Treasury Dept. Seventeen million dollars have been paid out over ten years. It is not clear how much of that was for sexual harassment. Names have not been revealed who  the monies were paid out for as of 2018. This fact was uncovered in 2017.

The sports arena has some problems as well. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is selling his team over allegations over sexual misconduct and using racist language. NFL Network has suspended Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans as well.

I must include some outlandish and sad tidbits. Oklahoma city Mayor Kirk Humphreys publicly demanded rights for Pedophiles. He said it’s the same as being gay. A news story stated that sex trafficking is on the increase due to internet online sales of girls, children, and women. Mary Letourneau was a shock to the nation years ago but the problem she brought to light seems to be picking up steam.  News has been flooded with stories of coaches, doctors, and teachers who have crossed the line with underaged students and young people in their charge.

There seems to be an industry developing, that collects money to trash public officials, using sexual abuse and misconduct as their focus. Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred, any group or foundation connected to George Soros or David Brock, come to mind. Donors also fall in that category. The sad part about this is that many come out of the woodwork who are willing to lie or stretch the truth for the pay off which waters down accusations that are true.  “Targeting”, using “Sexual misconduct”, seems to be replacing the hammer of “Racism”, to get rid of conservatives.

I am troubled that Public opinion is getting in the way of due process.  Some may not be guilty.  Some are clearly guilty and have apologized. But being falsely accused can be damaging and the people who make false accusations know this.

In closing  I have to ask those who acted offended in 2017, “Where were you when Bill Clinton’s victims spoke out?” Shame on the ones who knew then and knew for decades about Hollywood. How about the other examples that were in plain sight in other segments in society? These stories are not new. They have been hiding in plain sight for years. All of the frauds dressed in black at the recent Golden Globes ARE a bunch of hypocrites. Same goes for Washington D. C. Society is not stupid and will not forget. Much of society will carry a black eye because of the Walk of Shame many are watching unfold. That includes the ones who stood back and watched it happen, for what ever reason.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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