My Thoughts On DACA, Illegals, and Immigration

DACA, illegals, and immigration are three different issues. Lets look at them, keeping in mind that America needs more people who support the idea of Making America Great Again, and need citizens who want to assimilate into the American culture.

There will be many ramifications attached to any decision attached to DACA. Three states, AZ, TX, and FL, who are now red, could easily turn blue. Many Hispanics might retaliate and vote blue if the “Dreamers” are not given legal status. The Democrats will likely try to take full credit and try to get votes if “Dreamers” are given amnesty.

Voting issues aside, I want to look at what is good for America. I hear, over and over, how the ” Dreamers” are a good for America, that they are paying taxes and contributing to society. If I was making the decision on what to do with them I would first look at what benefits they were drawing from the Federal Government. It they were getting any kind of assistance I would withdraw that and require that they get sponsors. If they were truly independent, and being productive, law-abiding, citizens I would allow them to begin measures to becoming citizens, the same measures any other alien would have to go through to obtain citizenship. I would deport them if they had felonies or serious misdemeanors on their record, as we want up standing citizens. I would make sure they had a green card or what ever they needed to continue to work, be productive and pay taxes. I do not believe a free pass should be given to any immigrant, no matter how they got here.

My view on other illegals is , I would deport them. If parents of dreamers had not begun the process of becoming legal they would be the first to go. The Constitution does not afford protection for anyone other than Americans. I would support ICE 100 percent. I would fight tooth and nail to abolish all sanctuary cities by withholding any federal funds they are receiving until they follow all of the laws presently on the books. If they do not like the laws then they can work to get those laws changed. I would stand behind any movement to go after and legally prosecute any Governor, Mayor or Police Commissioner supporting sanctuary states or cities. No one should be able to pick an chose what laws to follow and what to ignore.

As far as Immigration goes, I would support stopping illegal immigration with what ever legal measures we have available, including barriers, and more border patrol. Until the decision on the “Wall” is made we need to maximize what tools we have. Immigration laws need to be reviewed to see if they could be simplified. Quotas need to be reviewed as well.



About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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2 Responses to My Thoughts On DACA, Illegals, and Immigration

  1. ahuelon says:

    I see the DACA issue as a Tug-OF- War issue.Candiate Trump told his audience what he saw as problems and how he would try to fix them. I think he is trying to fulfill his vision. But America is divided in half. Anyone, including Trump, is delusionalal if they think he are either side is going to get all of what they want. If DAKA is handeled on a merit basis, and if Chain migration is stopped and if the lottery system is withdrawn and the wall is funded I think that is a good compromise. No one is going to be completly happy, in my opinion. And I think migration needs to slow way down until security issues are sorted out and implemented.


  2. ahuelon says:

    I agree…just let it die.


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