This is from a savy FB friend and fellow blogger of mine. I could not have delivered her message any better.

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This is a keeper!

After Nov 8, 2016 Presidential Election, those who did not vote for our President Trump, IMMEDIATELY began the rhetoric of editing the Electoral College processes/boundaries. Believe this occurs several times during each Century!

Within the past 50 years, our Country’s foundation has been challenged. The Electoral College is but one of our Country’s “deer in the headlights! ”

This break-down of the Electoral College vote is our “checks and balances ”.

This is so important for our future that it is never changed.
In their infinite wisdom, the founders of our country created a structure called the “Electoral College” as a control system and to ensure the individual states were fairly represented. Otherwise one or two densely populated areas would speak for the whole of the nation. It was not created as a device to favor Democrats, Republicans, Whigs, Tories or any other political affiliation. It…

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