Kaboom! Shapiro Dismantles Liberal Media As ‘Vile Human Beings’ For Smearing Conservatives

This was a great speaker at CPAC talking to college aged kids and to all Americans. He made great points targeting the medi, who are not telling the truth just because they HATE the president of ALL AMERICANS.

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By Curtis Houck ~

On Thursday at CPAC, the NRA’s Dana Loesch,Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Tex.), and Vice President Mike Pence drew applause and standing ovations during their respective speeches, but conservative podcast host and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro lit up the Potomac Ballroom with his remarks attacking political correctness on college campuses, in Hollywood, and the liberal media.

Shapiro saved his strongest criticism for the liberal media as he declared that they’re not only “lying” about conservatives, but these “vile human beings” “are intentionally dividing the country in order to promulgate a gun-control agenda” and smear anyone standing in their way.

He suggested that he doesn’t “mean everyone in the media” as there are “some good people…but too many of the folks in the media who proclaim that they are objective truth-tellers are actually just advocates of leftism — masquerading as objective truth tellers.”

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