God Bless The NRA

I can honestly say I never gave much thought about the NRA until I had a heated conservation with someone about guns and the organization. He said some pretty strange things about both. So I decided to look into what the NRA was all about. I have become a huge fan. I have never owed a gun, but now am the proud owner of a NRA membership. I have promoted them in several groups I now belong to.

My message is, to join the NRA, and buy a gun if you feel you will be safer owning one, and commit to being responsible with education and training, that the NRA provides. Thank you Captain for tweaking my interest.

 In response to the nut cases who are blaming the NRA for the latest shooting in FL, may I remind them that the bloody hands belong to the shooter, the school board and school, who ignored problems with this kid. They also failed to report crimes at the school by others, in order to keep their crime record low, for funding purposes. They did not effectively report the future shooter to anyone who could have possibly stopped him. A councilor has come forward with troubling statements Nikolas Cruz made, that needed to be reported. The ball kept being passed around or ignored.The FBI sat on reported  warnings. The coward officers who stood outside the school, hiding while shots were being fired,  the FL police department, and Broward  County Sheriff Scott Israel share a part of the blame as well, for this horrible event.  Why heads have not rolled is beyond me. There were  years of reports of abuse and problems with this boy and his brother, since 2010, that were swept under the rug or ignored. 

Now back to the protesters who are blaming the NRA. I want to share a conversation a mom had with her son when he asked permission to protest in the ” Walk Out” this past week. Here is what good parenting looks like. Maybe others can take notice and be the kind of parent kids both need and deserve:

“Son: Is it Okay if I protest on Wednesday?
Mom: Protest what? Why would you do that?
Son: Protests initiate change. They bring awareness to the issue.
Mom: Yes, like what?
Son: Like civil rights. People had to protest for the right to vote, etc, (He went on).
Mom: That’s true! Protests can be a great catalyst. So what are you protesting?
Son: Gun laws.
Mom: And what are the current gun laws?
Son: I don’t know, but they need to change.
Mom: How do you know that if you don’t know what they are? Who makes the gun laws? Whose attention are you trying to get? State, federal, local….?
Son: I don’t know.
Mom: Then no, you may not protest in ignorance. You don’t protest something just because everyone else is doing it. What is happening in our schools is wrong, and scary, and sad, and yes, some things need to change. But you must educate yourself before you can be an agent of change. I am all about protesting for change, for justice and being passionate about a cause. I am not about blindly following the crowd of  ignorance.”

Another mother reported that her daughter asked to be a part of the “Walk Out”, and was told no. The daughter participated anyway. So  instead of getting to hang out with her friends the girl had to research and write an essay on gun laws, and what she thought should change, and why.  She had to look up statistics on shootings in gun free zones, and how the stricter gun laws in Chicago have impacted shootings. She had to report on what impact police involvement had on the 17 killed. The mom explained to her daughter that there are gun laws in place, and that laws don’t stop criminals. She added that severely depressed and angry kids don’t care about gun laws. This was another great example of superb parenting.

All schools and many parents did not support the “Walk Out”. Parents and students reported that they were forced or threatened if they did not join in the activity. On a good note, several schools made sure the kids who defied the order to not participate were served consequences. Pennsylvania schools issued more than 200 detentions over student “Walk Outs”.

This third story highlights a good guy owning a gun, that might have saved a tragedy from happening, while a family was driving in traffic:

A mom with two kids in the car was sitting in traffic, when a driver almost rear ended her, four separate times. She changed lanes to get away from him. He was in a truck. All of a sudden she heard her daughter screaming, “Mommy he’s pointing a gun at you”. She looked over and two people were hanging out of the truck waving pistols at her. Keep in mind , all she did was change lanes to get away from the offending driver.  She unbuckled her kids and told them to get on the floorboard. She then heard a trucker on the other side of her yelling. He was now standing between her car and the threatening  truck. He had seen everything and pulled out a shotgun from his truck to protect this family. The car with the threatening guns fled down the emergency lane, cut through traffic, and got off an exit. Thanks to a complete stranger  with a carry permit this mom got home safely with her kids.

There are laws on the books that are not being followed or enforced. Maybe the NRA should have offices all across America, and take calls, when someone sees something, reports it to officials like the police or the FBI, and are ignored, like in the case of the FL shooter, and follow-up on the complaints to make sure they get the proper attention they deserve. Now that is a thought that might save some lives.

Since the FL shooting  membership to the NRA and gun purchases have increased. The second amendment is safe from those who consider deaths a casualty of war for stripping the second amendment from the constitution.

Join the NRA

Myth of Gun Control

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Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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