Some Thoughts on the “March For Our Lives” Marches And The Kids Being Used as Pawns

I see a huge difference in the protest marches between Martin Luther King Jr and the ones for ” March For Our Lives”. King’s followers were informed and were marching for freedom. Today’s marchers are uninformed on many facts, and are promoting the loss of freedoms. King’s followers were not paid to be there, and had no hidden agendas. The kids seem to be pawns with three major agendas. They are trying to gain steam to destroy the second amendment to our constitution, to impact the 2018 midterm election, and to destroy the NRA. There are some deep pockets behind the kids and many left-wing groups standing in the wings, providing talking points, coaching, and guidance. And who chipped in the money to pay for up to 50 buses to deliver many marchers to DC? This is just one example.

If some of the marchers get their way schools will become soft targets, and the potential shooters will have an easier chance for future mass murders. Even if guns are taken away other means of destruction are available. Evil or deranged people do not care about laws. Many drugs are illegal. Has that slowed drug use?

One thing that is being targeted is the age a person should be to  purchase a firearm. So if 18 is no longer the considered age of adulthood where guns are concerned, then shouldn’t that be the bar for joining the military, voting, and being tried as an adult in out court system?

And if saving teens lives is really a concern consider this. Where are the protests over cell phones in hands of kids driving while texting, where many lives are lost on a weekly basis?

Some protesting kids are in the news daily. Recently they were complaining that they were going to have to use clear backpacks in their FL school, for security reasons. Yes, kids who have done nothing wrong are going to have a freedom taken away. Yet they want law-abiding citizens to lose their right to own and buy firearms, which is spelled out in the second amendment. Please note that the Cruz kid was barred from bring any backpack on school premieres….yet he did anyway. Hummm. Restrictions did not stop him. And if 18 year old’s are outlawed from buying a firearm I am sure they will find a way to get a hold of one, if they so desire.

The real focus should be on the failure of the FBI, the Sheriff and the cowardly officers who hid instead of attempting to stop the shooter. The medics were even told to stand down. Blame is also in the laps of their own school board, who chose to not report crimes of students for years, in order to keep the appearance of low crime rates, in order to gain grants. If those reports had been made public Nikolas Cruz’s troubled past might have been noticed by someone who could have stepped in and helped divert this horrible tragedy. The warning signs were all over the place, and had been for years.

There have been some students who have been in the public eye, and have been highlighted by the organizers of the March, and some who have been left out. Kyle Kashuv is a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and a self-styled school safety activist. He was not invited to speak during the rally. He believes the movement is a sham, and that there is a political agenda, to destroy the NRA. Meadow Pollock lost her life that fateful day on February 14. Her dad and brother were denied a place on the program. Their message would have been directed towards tackling the mental illness issue and ways to make schools safer. None of the three ignored by the rally organizers blame the NRA.

One student, who is on CNN and Twitter ever change he gets, sends “Red Flags” up every time he opens his mouth or sends out a tweet or video, in my opinion. His name is David Hogg. He appeared with his dad on CNN at least once. According to finance, Kevin Hogg, David’s father, did not just work as a former FBI agent. He worked for a defense contractor that specialized in performing Crisis Operation Simulations. I have read where David’s mother works for CNN in some capacity. David was caught lying on “CNN with Brian Stelter” about facts. He has also been seen in videos with two different stories of the shooting. One where he said where he was hiding, in a closet, during the shooting, and one where he said he jumped on his bike and rode to the school to take pictures of what was happening. Twitter and other media outlets are deleting any negative statements about Hogg ever chance they get. Viewers are beginning to take screen shots when David shows up in a post, knowing that it will soon disappear. Why the cover up I ask?

Another student in the forefront is Emma Gonzales. She has admitted to bullying Cruz since middle school, and has since justified doing so in some of her public appearances. She recently  tweeted, blaming the shooting on white male entitlement. Talk about an insane narrative. Emma is also David Hogg’s cousin. Their parents are siblings. The family connection and David’s parents work history is why there has been so much rumbling that the cousins might be crisis actors. Also, there has been speculation that both cousins previously graduated from high schools in CA. With so much being covered up and the abundance of sketchy news, who know what the truth is.

The word oxymoron came to mind when Planned Parenthood stepped in to promote the week-end anti-gun march, because they wanted to “Save Lives”

Well thought out and rational solutions are needed vs emotional cries. Shame on any politician who uses these grieving and emotionally charged students to get re-elected or target the NRA.

My advice to the protesters is to become informed, read American History, understand the constitution, see what laws are already on the books, read up on the NRA and understand what their role is in training, and educating gun owners, then make an informed stand, away from the agenda of politicians. Finally, a good use for those mini computers you call cell phones. Valuable information is at your finger tips.

Hogg lying






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