My Thoughts on Mrs. Bush’s Legacy

I realize Mrs. Bush did a lot of good things for our country. She stood beside her husband when he was both Vice President and President. She was in the wings for her son when he was President as well. I am sure she was proud of Jeb while he was Governor of Florida. After all he stopped the resistance trying to block his brother from becoming president during the recount, and all that was going on then.  She always seemed to support family values, and always spoke her mind in a clear and concise way. She represented the United States well both at home and abroad. As I recall she appeared more popular as first Lady than her husband did as President.

But I did have some misgivings when she began slamming President Trump after he was elected. I realize she was just falling in line with her family, who was unhappy that Jeb did so poorly, while running for president. I thought she showed poor judgement with her reaction. Why didn’t she stand up for America? Why didn’t she show respect for the ones who voted for our President?

She had kept her mouth shut after Obama won. So had her husband and two political sons. They all sat on the sidelines quietly watching while Obama spent eight years trying to tear America apart, turn back time on racial issues.They observed the weakening of our military, observed how corrupt our justice system continued to become. They sat silent while seeing our men and women in blue get  criticized and trashed for doing their jobs,  and watched  the FBI being run by dirty cops. And how could they have not noticed when the  CIA and other Deep State shakers and movers took hold, with actions that put America in jeopardy? Where was Mrs. Bush’s voice of reason? Was she not awake? Did she not see what was going on? Did she not care? Frankly I will not miss hearing her insult woman any longer because they voted for Trump, who promised to try to save our country from being destroyed.

I would only hope that Mrs. Bush was diminished mentally in the latter part of her life and did not understand what had happened to this great land, and see the promise Trump had brought with his win.

Up until the last couple of years I considered her the best of the whole Bush clan.  I think she showed great personal courage at the end, when she chose to accept her fate with grace, and not continue medical treatment. I think she felt she had fought a good fight, and that her journey was near its end, and she was ready to go to where ever one goes when their journey has ended.

Prayers to her family for their loss, and may she rest in peace.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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