MOTHERS DAY: Full of Love, Sadness and Complicated Feelings.

I wrote this last in 2017, but when words are full of truth they can be read year after year. I hope Mothers Day is special this year for everyone. After all we all had a mother. Maybe your happiness can just be in remembering events from past moments. Don’t for get women who filled mother’s rolls. Or maybe joy can be felt watching young mothers with their children. As for mothers who are no longer with us, just know that as long as they live in our hearts and minds they are still with us.


In a room of one thousand moms you would have that many stories times a hundred, that could fill a library, and today on Mothers Day many of those stories are floating around in many heads.  This special day is celebrated in many ways, some with a call, some with flowers or candy, some with a visit or a special outing tailored for that special mom, and the retail world sure hopes you considered their gift certificates and gift cards.  But the real gifts that will be  treasured the most will come from the heart at no cost to  the (1) I have three sons and each of them have their own place in my heart.  They are unique, therefore  each of our relationships are different.  None out shine the other.  I have a favorite oldest, favorite middle and favorite youngest, simple as that.  One son is with his wife…

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