Superwoman….A More Appropriate Name For “Mother”

The ultimate job, that requires the most on the job training, is being a mother. No matter how many books one reads on the subject, or how much advice is given about the task, a mom ends up with a one of a kind bundle of joy. It is her job to figure it out, and guide the child to maturity.

No matter how many other children a mom has been around, hers will be full of surprises. Even if  she has other children, the new one will be unique. She will see differences between her own experiences as a child and this “Jewel in her crown”.

She will have to wear many hats for this unbelievable task. A  mom needs to be loving, understanding, and patient. She gets to be a cheerleader, a nurse, a mediator, and referee. She sometimes has to be firm when teaching boundaries. Teachings at many levels is on going. She may even have to be the breadwinner or co-breadwinner. She has to be a manager of time and money, and is the main one who guides the family unit, hopefully with the help of their father. Her jobs are endless.

No matter the size of her brood, each child will be her favorite, no matter that the kids will never believe this.

She does not give it a thought, that some day after her children are grown, she will wonder where all the time went. When the transition hits her, that her role has changed from active parenting to friend, she will probably be hit with a lot of surprising emotions. Probably pride, when she sees who  her children have become under her guidance. But the empty nest is not always comfortable. Putting one’s self on the front burner may seem a little strange.

This description of motherhood is one reason we celebrate Mother’s Day. We get to say, as a nation, and as individuals, a special THANK YOU.  We get a change to celebrate mothers, present and past, young and old. Families have never been more important to our nations than they are today.  Strong families help make strong communities, that lead to a strong nation. I see families as the path to helping America become great again. Mothers are a huge part of that picture. I hope this special day reminds us of how strong families are badly needed, and mothers can play a huge part in nurturing  strong, educated, and responsible, children, who can become great leaders.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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