New Blogger on Child Abuse

cathy fox blog on child abuse

There is a relatively new blog which amongst other subjects covers child sexual abuse.

The author, Jason says he was inspired to cover child sexual abuse by Sammy Woodhouse and her  courage in going public about her abuse in Rotherham.

This courage of Sammy’s to take a step into the poisonous pit of the vipers of mainstream corporate media is huge. They build you up only to knock you down and you have to develop the thick skin to take what is thrown at you.

Hopefully along the way the fact that child sexual abuse is happening is conveyed and how it can happen and the problems for the victim/survivor and the objective of most survivors is to avoid it happening to other children. Well done to Sammy for her bravery and helping to inspire others.

The decision that Jason has made to blog on child sexual abuse is also…

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