Congress Is Trying To Seek Justice…Requesting Second Special Council

A group of Congressmen are trying to seek justice by trying to get a Special Investigation, citing that the DOJ and FBI are not capable of investigating themselves, especially in view of their current attempts to slow walk and cover up their actions during the Obama years. That cover up has spilled over to the Trump presidency. The first 49 minutes of this video are Congressmen speaking and giving their reasons for this request. The rest of the video has questions and answers concerning this move by these Congressmen.

This video is a great outline of the wrongs that have been covered up by the Obama DOJ and his FBI. Sessions has been dragging his feet and supporting the cover up as seen by his actions or lack of trying to uncover the truth. I think Sessions is ONE of Trump’s most disappointing appointments to date.

America needs to know the truth as soon as possible. This struggle to find the truth has gone on long enough.

I have added two links below for the call for a second Special Council. Sometimes YouTube removes a video. The second link below is the best view but might be removed from YouTube. The first link is from C-Span and should be safe. C-Span’s is about 50 minutes. The second is longer with a question and answer period.

C-Span Video Calling for Special Council

Congress Requesting a Special Council

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