My Two Cents About Jussie Smollet

Jussie Smollet, an actor on the TV show Empire, evidently pulled off two hoaxes recently, according to the Chicago police and the FBI. His first was when he sent himself a hate letter with some white power in it. The FBI has determined that he  sent it to himself. His second was a faked mugging.

When he did not get the response he wanted from the hate letter, after reporting it,  he then allegedly staged his second hoax, a mugging. Jussie reported that he was assaulted by two white men who doused him with bleach, and put a noose around his neck.  He said during the attack they shouted, “This is mega country”,  or something to that effect. He said that they were also wearing red MAGA hats. His story changed some as reports of what happened later were different. One version was that he went to the hospital, another was that he went home. Both versions still had him wearing the noose around his neck.

After many hours of investigation the Chicago Police read a full account of what they say happened. This was after Jussie was charged for a crime. The police report said that two Nigerian men, who Jussie knew, helped carry out this planned hoax, after receiving a check from him for $3500.00, with a promise of $500.00 more. Jussie also gave the men $100.00 dollars in cash,  to purchase a red hat, rope, ski masks, and gasoline, which was the original plan before bleach was used. The police have a video of the men making the purchases mentioned, minus the gasoline and bleach.

Here are some thoughts about the story that is still unfolding:

I think the two hoaxes we have seen have a purpose that some are missing. I think the goal was a PR ploy to try to label Trump supporters as homophobic and racist. We have a black, gay man and a noose. Hummm.

There are tons of examples of nut cases grabbing MAGA hats off of innocent people, and throwing tantrums and punches . I have seen no examples or reports of  MAGA hat wearers violently acting out against people who don’t support Make America Great Again supporters. I think Jussie is one of the nuts.

I see Soros and Obama’s fingerprints all over this. Might I add that Senators Harris and Booker had a bill in the works addressing nooses around this time.

Another oddity is that Jussie withheld his cell phone for a time, when the police requested it as evidence. When he did hand it over it had been altered. He had removed texts. A leaker reported that texts from both Harris and Booker were on his phone before and after the hoax. He was also in pictures at a Harris event. Who knows if the leaker is correct. Time will tell.

Sheriff David Clarke wrote an opinion piece stating that  he thought this recent hoax had nothing to do with the Empire salary Smollett was getting. That narrative  has been thrown out as the reason for the second hoax. Clarke nailed it when he said this was staged to stir the pot of hate.

I think Jussie was hand-picked to pull this hoax off, because he is black, gay, and part of a mostly black TV show named Empire that gives him some recognition. He also has been very vocal against Trump. He mentioned that fact in his ridiculous interview on Good Morning America.

His actions have been nothing more than race baiting and worse. I hope the Black, and LGBTQ communities are smarter than he gives them credit for being.

He has been found out and is back peddling like crazy. He now claims he has an untreated drug problem. Is he hoping that will help get him a lighter sentence? I sure hope not. He purposefully created two hate crimes, if all the evidence proves to be true.

It is going to be impossible to bury the hoaxes, because of the publicity.  And trying to blame Trump is laughable. And will the ones who convinced him to try to pull these actions off remain in his corner? I think not. I see him being run over by a fleet of buses.

The hoaxes  involve filing a false police report, altering evidence,  sending a hate letter through the mail, and lying to the FBI. I see a couple of Federal crimes here.

I hope, if convicted, he has to pay for every second of the investigation. That expense, coupled with attorney fees, and the possibility of losing his acting job, should get his attention. Maybe he will realize that it is not profitable to act out on his hateful feelings, or to be someones pawn.

I think it would be fitting if  a class action suit pops up by  MAGA supporters, who have been wrongly blamed in this hoax. Any monies gotten could be given to the Trump re-election campaign. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Of course that will never happen. And if it did Jussie would already be flat broke unless he could muster up a Go Fund Me movement.

My hat is off to the ones who uncovered these two hoaxes, and showed the left that they cannot manufacture hate and blame conservatives.

The far left is so consumed with hate that they have lost the ability to do any critical thinking, and that is their Achilles heel.

About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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