Great Post That Needs To Be Shared

I Had to share this outstanding post from last year that I ran across. Read and see if it rings true. Not sure who the author is……………………………………………………………………………..

“US”. Why “we” defend Trump.
For 8 years “we” watched. When “we” disagreed with the way things were going “we” were called racist.
When “we” saw crime getting worse, and the administration blaming police officers, “we” were told “we” didn’t matter. When “we” felt a christian baker had a right to not make a cake for someone he disagreed with, “we” were called homophobic. When “we” were concerned about terrorism “we” were called racist. Well “we” have had enough, and “we” voted for Trump.

“We” were called deplorable, uneducated, and white trash. But what “we” really were was tired. Tired of watching our country lead from behind, tired of watching crime and drug use rise, tired of working so damn hard and getting nowhere, tired of paying so much and getting so little for health care insurance.
So “we” wanted change.

“We” wanted to see our country great again. “We” want to make our own decisions about healthcare and “we” don’t want to pay for anyone else’s birth control. “We” want someone who takes no beloney. “We” want a strong leader.
And when you insult him you insult us. So “we” stand behind him. Because he is standing up for us!


About Martha (Marty) Dickson Patterson

Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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