This is a powerful letter that holds much truth. Of course the news paper probably trasked it as soon as it was read. The truth sometimes hurts.

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Dear Editor/NYT,

I am a German immigrant, who did NOT flee my country, I came here because I fell in love with America, after I had travelled for 6 weeks through the entire US.
After being married for 5 years, I was able to apply for citizenship, something that I found essential for someone who decides to leave his or her own country and embrace and participate in the new homeland. That was nearly 40 years ago.
I faintly remember, that the New York Times was THE NEWS OUTLET with REAL news, reported by journalists, who actually learned journalism the proper way.
What YOU, NYT, have employed or working there, is nothing short of TRASH and damaging to America. It is totally incomprehensible what your editors let out; the latest ‘atrocity’ is for one of your commentators to display names and home addresses of border patrol, ICE etc. inciting VIOLENCE!!!

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Marty: Retired from sales and management near Seattle, Washington.
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