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Facebook Provides A Cover For Pretenders

via Facebook Provides A Cover For Pretenders

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My Two Cents About Jussie Smollet

Jussie Smollet, an actor on the TV show Empire, evidently pulled off two hoaxes recently, according to the Chicago police and the FBI. His first was when he sent himself a hate letter with some white power in it. The … Continue reading

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Superwoman….A More Appropriate Name For “Mother”

The ultimate job, that requires the most on the job training, is being a mother. No matter how many books one reads on the subject, or how much advice is given about the task, a mom ends up with a … Continue reading

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MOTHERS DAY: Full of Love, Sadness and Complicated Feelings.

Originally posted on AHUELON NEWS JOURNAL:
In a room of one thousand moms you would have that many stories times a hundred, that could fill a library, and today on Mothers Day many of those stories are floating around in…

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Some Thoughts on the “March For Our Lives” Marches And The Kids Being Used as Pawns

I see a huge difference in the protest marches between Martin Luther King Jr and the ones for ” March For Our Lives”. King’s followers were informed and were marching for freedom. Today’s marchers are uninformed on many facts, and are … Continue reading


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Educating The Masses Is The ONLY SOLUTION To Getting Mental Awareness OUT OF THE CLOSET

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Originally posted on AHUELON NEWS JOURNAL:
It is my belief that educating the public is the ONLY way to get society to understand the importance of the epidemic the world is facing with their collective biases and stigmas they place…

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Re-blog of The Toxic Degeneration of the American Mind and Its Violent Outcome… By Dr. Gabriel Cousens

The Toxic Degeneration of the American Mind and Its Violent Outcome  03/22/2018     Blog Although there is a worldwide trend of increasing violence, massacres, assassinations, and human atrocities, (in which the US is not even listed in the top 25 countries for … Continue reading

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Suicide Prevention: When Someone Reaches Out…. Take Action

This past week-end I read two posts, from a Facebook friend and veteran, that told me he was in a dark place. I reached out, and here is what transpired. My friend, Jack, posts  truthful stories on FB, that upset them, … Continue reading

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Not All Facebook Groups Are Created Equal…Plus A Troubling Update

I published this blog in February. Sadly, it was removed by someone who had access to my account, without my permission.  He is the main character in the following story that follows. He is also the creator of the two … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now:
The Trump administration is weighing an offer from casino magnate and big-time Republican donor Sheldon Adelson to partially fund the construction of a new embassy in Jerusalem, U.S. officials said.…

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