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The ‘WalkAway’ Movement and Brandon Straka

Originally posted on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now:
A brave group of younger people, who have seen through the lies and obstructions of the Democratic Party and their surrogates aka the so-called main stream media (more a dirty…

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Re-blog of The Toxic Degeneration of the American Mind and Its Violent Outcome… By Dr. Gabriel Cousens

The Toxic Degeneration of the American Mind and Its Violent Outcome  03/22/2018     Blog Although there is a worldwide trend of increasing violence, massacres, assassinations, and human atrocities, (in which the US is not even listed in the top 25 countries for … Continue reading


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There is Never an Upside to Recreational Drug Use

The Negative Impact of Drugs outweigh the revenue they bring to a community. Here are two stories that make that point, and these stories are repeated time and time again, all across America. Recently I was made aware that 10 … Continue reading

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