Rob McPherson Hits The Nail On The Head When Talking About The NFL Only Being A Bussiness….And More.

I wish Rob was a blogger, but since he is not, I had to share his journalistic-style post. His research and views are a great insight on the NFL and some of the players. He graciously gave me permission to share his post. When posting on Facebook the message is lost and forgotten in a week or so. I want Rob’s words to have a broader and more lasting audience. He is from Tacoma, WA. Here is what he had to say…………………………….

“It is becoming increasingly hard to remain a Seahawks Fan. I know all the loyal 12’s will chirp in, “Then you never were a Fan”. Wrong, because I once choose to follow a team doesn’t mean that I will blindly follow them for eternity regardless of their actions. The real fact is, and many of you miss it, the NFL is a business and their business model thrives by creating a fan base. They are a business just like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and a million others. The difference is their business plays a game for a living and profits by creating “Fanatical” fans that will buy jerseys, tickets, flags, and any piece of merchandise they can make marketable. And if you think that loyalty is mutual think again. How many teams made moves today to more marketable cities?  How about the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders? They left their fans for more profitable locations. The Hawks are no different. Do you remember Ken Bering was a fraction of an inch away from moving the Hawks to Southern California? If you think this is a new phenomenon I suggest you do your research. Very few teams are in their original location. By the way where are the Sonics? They are another good example of professional sports business.

The Players, with few exceptions, are no different. They will go to the next team that offers them more money and a better contract. Think about how many players have come and gone from the Seahawks roster, a staggering number. Jerry Rice, Franco Harris, and John Randle (all in the Hall of Fame) all played for the Seahawks. This is a perfect example of the mercenary business of the NFL. Once again, it is a business for both the owners and players, always vying for the next best opportunity. Do I blame them, “No”, it is a business. They have every right to do that to create the best opportunity for themselves.

In summary, the NFL, and to that extent the Seahawks, have created a blind loyalty through a great business model. They have created a herd of Lemmings that will blindly follow their Team over the cliff regardless of what they stand for or do.

Now that I have, without a doubt, exposed the NFL for what it truly is, a Business, let me move onto my second point. I don’t care to hear Players opinions on political matters, especially when so much hypocrisy is involved. This mainly stems from the recent political voices aired by Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett.

My problem with the Seahawks began a few years ago when I heard an interview on the radio from a former Seahawk lineman, John Moffit, say that he had asked Marshawn Lynch, “Why don’t we ever hang out”, to which Lynch replied, “Cause I don’t like white people”. Think about that for a second, and if the roles had been reversed and Moffit replied that he didn’t like black people what would have happened? There would have been a public outcry to have Moffit kicked off the team. But there exists a double standard in discrimination.

Around the same time I attended the annual Richard Sherman charity softball game, which was great and for a worthy cause. But at the end of it Michael Bennett grabbed the microphone so that he could tell the crowd that he wanted to thank Black Santa, Black Jesus, Oprah Winfrey, and Barrack Obama. Again, the double standard for prejudices continued. Last year, before the Detroit game, I heard Michael Bennett during a radio interview being asked about facing Zach Miller, the Detroit Running Back, to which Bennett replied that Miller wasn’t bad for a White Running Back. How many hypocritical prejudices do I need to hear from this person before realizing that perhaps he has no objectivity.

Now Bennett has decided to join the likes of Colin Kaepernick in disrespecting the Flag and National Anthem, for a cause that is not entirely justified. Yes, prejudices still exist, and all is not perfect in America, but I defy you to go anywhere else in this world that has it better, or a place that is trying to make it better more than America. If Black lives matter to you so much I suggest that you look no further than your own culture for the remedy.

It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone. University of Toledo criminologist, Dr. Richard R. Johnson, examined the latest crime data from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control and found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012. Professor Johnson’s research further concluded that 112 black men died from both justified and unjustified police-involved killings annually during this same period.

If facts don’t matter to you the above will probably have no bearing on your emotional and erroneous beliefs. However, if you want to make things better look at yourself, and your community, and honestly ask yourself if you are making a difference, or simply confusing the issues that are really devastating your culture. It is no longer, 1861 (Civil War), or the 1960’s (Civil Rights). It is 2017. We have had a President of the United States, Secretary of States (twice), Supreme Court Justices, and countless other high-ranking Offices filled by Black Men and Women. Progress has been made, and continues to be made in spite of some people’s efforts to divide us further.

For those of you that believe the NFL is a friend to the Black culture, prepare to have your world unraveled. For years the fallacy and myth that the NFL offers poor Blacks youths the only opportunity to escape the inner city life has been bought hook, line, and sinker. These misguided young men have been lead to believe that through hard work and exercise they can achieve fame and riches in the NFL. The chances of a young Black man making it through High School sports, college Football and then arriving at the NFL are miniscule. However, the myth has been engrained in the culture, and young men spend all their time and energy working out, practicing, and preparing for an NFL career, only to find out that it is like winning the lottery with a one in a ten million odds.  If we, as a society, could convince these young men that through study and hard work they could achieve more attainable and rewarding results we could be ahead of the success curve. True, typically, a Bachelor of Arts Degree isn’t going to land you a multi-million dollar contract, but it can land you a very secure and rewarding career that would allow you to further your life and that of your family, a much more attainable and realistic goal.

Just this past week Michael Bennett came out and accused the Las Vegas Police of misconduct. Without hearing both sides of the story Pete Carroll and the NFL came out in support of Bennett. Now the Police are threatening a suit against Bennett for Liable  and Slander, and have asked the NFL to investigate the instance and possibly take action against Bennett. The NFL has denied their request. Funny how they jumped to a player’s defense and support without any facts, but when asked to investigate the facts they would rather play the role of an Ostrich and stick their head in the sand. Additionally, how much of a coincidence is it that the player leading the cause against Police misconduct finds himself in Las Vegas and the target of misconduct – what are the odds.

I am tired of the erroneous truths being put forth by misguided and malicious people. When I have to pick between the USA and your flawed believes, that run contrary to everything I believe in I will gladly chose my side – America. I will continue to watch football, I do love the sport. But I will avoid the beginning of the game and your imprudent antics towards the Flag and Anthem. I will no longer buy any jerseys, hats, flags, and/or any such paraphernalia as it is only lining the pockets of those further dividing our Country.

To the NFL and the Seahawks, kudos to you. You have truly developed an envious business model that is serving you well. You are all becoming multi-millionaires for playing a game.

If we want to know who to value in our culture look no further than those we could not do without. What would our cities and towns look like without Police Officers, Nurses, Soldiers, Doctors, Teachers, Builders, and so many more hard-working people? Our society would come to a complete and utter stop with anarchy soon to follow without these unmentioned Hero’s. However, remove Football Players, Coaches, and Owners and what would happen? Nothing, other than a loss of short-term entertainment. Think about who we should value and listen to in our lives. It is definitely not grown men that play a game for a living.”

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Kaepernick Missed The Boat With His Protests & Clones Are Following Suit

There are many issues the African-American community is facing, and Colin missed them miserably. His concerns could have addressed the wholesale murdering of black babies through abortions. The killing of blacks by blacks is another biggie. Instead  he chose to attack America. This country has afforded him great monetary wealth and popularity. Then there are calls for boycotts from all sides which I think is quite interesting. Thank goodness some respected people have come out against his misguided behavior. This movement should be stomped out.

Kaepernick first started his protest in 2016. Why did he ignore facts this 2015 list of statistics provided if he was concerned with the well-being of blacks?
Blacks killed by Whites:  2%
Blacks killed by Police: 1%
Whites killed by Police: 3%
Whites killed by Whites: 16%
Whites killed by Blacks: 81%
Blacks killed by Blacks:

I could not remember the reason Colin started his protest and had to do some research. I found that his focus was his perception of Police brutality against blacks, which is clearly a false narrative based on the list above.

I believe the clones who are following his behavior are misguided by attacking America, our flag and the national anthem. Instead of facilitating dialog to correct their concerns they are putting a wedge between American’s and any positive resolution. They are creating a tug of war between those who love America and those who want it destroyed. They are also damaging the NFL which accounts for their lively hood and entertainment for Americans to enjoy. Shame on all levels of management who have not put a stop to this nonsense.

There are calls for boycotts from both sides. One is from people who are mad that no team wants to hire this “Hot Potato”. They seem to ignore the fact that Colin is no longer an effective Quarter Back, and is a distraction and detriment to the concept of “Team player”, which is important in developing a winning model. Single star players seldom are able to carry a team to victory. I think many teams want to focus on being the best team possible and leave politics and protests outside of their sport.

Others calling for boycotts are the  fans who want sports to be solely entertainment. Another segment loves America, our flag, and hearing and singing our national anthem at games. I think this group realises there are problems in out society but think there are better and more productive ways to target them. This group will speak loudly with their dollars when they refuse to attend games and avoid buying sports related paraphernalia. Last year there were a lot of empty seats in some stadiums. The number will increase this year if this kind of protest continues. This group will not entertain the games on TV or radio.

I recently was listening to a conservative radio station in Seattle, WA. Callers flooded the station with their views when asked if the Seahawks continued to allow protests on their field what would be their reaction. Callers who had followed them for years said they would not watch ANY GAME that allowed protesters on the field.Browns stand with police

Here is what a famous and well-respected retired football player had to say about the protests, and Colin. To paraphrase Jim Brown, he criticized the way Colin Kaepernick chose to protest during the presentation of The Star Spangle Banner before football games saying it was disrespectful towards the American Flag. He spoke to his old team, the Cleveland Browns. He said that Kaepernick started his protest because of his belief that police were treating minorities unfairly. He continued saying that any protest should be well thought out and be geared for others to help work to correct the problem if it exists. He also said he thought  the players should honor the wishes of the owners who are paying the players millions. He added that Colin had to make up his mind whether he was truly an activist or was he a football player? He added that playing football is a job working for owners who pay their salaries. There are fans to be considered as well. Both need to be honored in exchange for making huge salaries. I understand the entire team stood after Jim Brown spoke to them, and they also stood in a line with arms interlocked with law enforcement and military personality. This kind of action can have a healing effect and lead to meaningful dialog going forward.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has made it clear that he expects everyone on the sideline of his games to stand, put their hand over their heart, and be respectful when the National Anethum is being played before every game. He made a statement after the opening game this past week-end. He commented that he was proud of his team  coaching staff, and his entire organization, by the way they showed respect. He also added that he strongly supports the flag in every possible way possible. He added that anyone who acts in any way to disrespect the flag during any game is disappointing to him personally. His coach, Jason Garrett, said that the players, franchises, and the NFL as a whole make a lot of money using their massive public platform, and that they should not abuse that privilege.Trump hugging flag

I think, as fans, we can contact companies who endorse any player who uses his place on a team to show disrespect to the American Flag. It is a small gesture  but worth doing. Maybe that will get the athletes attention.

I wish we could all consider ourselves Americans, and stop the fighting, and begin healing, and strive to solve the many glaring problems America is facing. The trouble makers need to be shut down. I believe in free speech and free expression, but much thought needs to be exercised to not misuse those sacred gifts and work to make all of our lives better.

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Suicide is such a tragic end, and sometimes the seed that ends up being tossed out grows into despair and is called bullying. Eric Boling’s son died yesterday from this sad cause. I am wondering if his dad’s problems of being bullied, from someone I consider to be a serial trouble maker, had anything to do with this tragedy? Being a conservative in America today is like walking around with a Bullseye on our backs, and the crazy, unethical left is more than happy to stir up fake allegations, while covering up their real deeds of crimes and corruption.


Bullying equates to raping the spirit and soul of every victim, in my opinion. Being bullied changes the child, youth or young adult forever.

I wonder how many adults have mental issues because they were bullied as children?  That would be a great study for professionals  to take on if it has not already been done.  I was bullied as a child by  my mother. I lived with constant stress at a time when I could not process that I was being wrongfully treated.  I am Bipolar.  Did that damaging treatment have anything to do with my life long  circumstance?

We hear often about teens committing suicide because of depression and feelings of isolation. Some have even had their parents support, and have gone to the sources of the bullying without proper resolutions or help. That is in its self  a crime. I recently read where a set of parents…

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How Do We Unpeel And Conquer Sucide?

I recently read about a businessman and politician in AZ who committed suicide this week. He was only in his mid 50’s. I felt compelled to write about depression and suicide after reading about his death. Here is what I posted in Chandler-Gilbert Think Tank where the gentleman lived………..a suicide

This death, as do all suicides, remind us all that depression is sometimes attached to feelings of shame and guilt. People suffering often deal with their problems with denial. Or they hide in the “shame closet”. I hope everyone reading this will reach out to family and friends and let them know that they are there for them if in the future any have these kinds of urges, to harm themselves. Every rock, hiding depression, needs to be overturned. No one really ever wants to die……they Just want to stop hurting. I would almost bet a million dollars that many reading this are rubbing elbows with someone who is or has been seriously depressed in the past 6 months. Education and awareness is important to help people recognise others who are showing symptoms of serious depression.

There are more suicides in children, youth and young people than ever before. Society is more fragile compared to what I recall during my lifetime. Ignoring mental illness makes as much sense as ignoring having cancer. I hope all families, friends and the community takes this event to take the time to sit down with one another and share their honest thoughts and vow to have an ongoing dialog with each other to show support for anyone suffering or experiencing depression or thoughts of harming themselves. Stopping suicide needs to begin long before the deed is acted on. Look at Robin Williams. He had it all, and yet he must have felt he had nothing. That is the ultimate illusion. That is where the recent AZ man’s mind-set probably was when he carried out this sad act. If only he had reached out, we might have had a different outcome………a suicide (2)

In addition to what I wrote in the tank I want to remind anyone interested, that as sad as it is for an adult to harm themselves, I think much attention needs to focus on children at risk. They don’t always have the best judgement, and get into trouble beyond their abilities to see around the corner of life with their immature brains. Let me share a sad story about an eleven year old who committed suicide while playing a “game” on-line. The game is called “Blue Whale”. It consists of a 50 step scenario which ends in the suicide of the person playing the game. It was started in Russia. There were indications that this child had been subjected to bullying, which is a known factor attached to suicide in young people. This story highlights the need for parents to closely monitor phone use and internet and online browsing. There are a lot of dangerous and inappropriate sites available to anyone, including underaged children. Be aware. Parenting has never been more challenging.

If I had a family member or friend who was severely depressed I would ask them if they were having thoughts of harming themself. If they said yes I would ask them if they had any plans to carry out their thoughts. That sometimes wakes them up and lets you know where they are in their process. Then I would say something like “Would you agree to call me before you get to the planning stage and we can talk. I care about you and want to be in your corner if you need someone to talk to”. Sometimes a simple jester like reaching out has more positive effluence than anyone can ever imagine. That is the act of a mentor or caring friend, and something all people dealing with depression can benefit from. We need to fight to keep the subject of mental illness on the front burner………………………………….. Suicide Hot Line. 1-800 273-8255……………………………….a suide 3

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Houston Texas: Hurricane Harvey on track to become a “landmark” national disaster for the United States

This a beautifully written account of the disaster that Harvey caused on the coast of Texas and beyond. This event caused, by Mother Nature, needs to be documented for future generations to read. This is written by a friend and fellow Blogger who always reports on stories and news packed full of excellence and quality content. I hope this account of the disaster is shared my many.

Atridim News Journal

Harvey made landfall on Friday as a Category 4 hurricane and stalled out as a tropical storm over the coastal areas of Texas, just southwest of Houston.
It unleashed dangerously high winds and dumped catastrophic amounts of rain with a total of up to 50″ projected before it moves out of Texas on Wednesday.
Tropical Storm Harvey sent massive floods through the Houston area Sunday, chasing thousands to rooftops or higher ground and overwhelming rescuers. FEMA estimates 30,000 will seek safe haven in shelters.
Federal disaster declarations indicate the storm has so far affected about 6.8 million people.
About 50 Texas counties and parts of Louisiana will face serious repercussions from the “landmark event.”


A look at Harvey by the numbers so far:

Track _____
Harvey, now spinning near Port O’Connor, Texas, was forecast to move back into the Gulf of Mexico on Monday, the National Hurricane Center said.

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Thoughts For A Newly Diagnosed Person With Bipolar Disorder

I think by the time a person receives their diagnosis of being bipolar they might be feeling overwhelmed. Figuring out what has been the cause of their experiences can be a relief, but there must be a million questions exploding in their head on how to proceed. How to live with it can be a concern. It is a life long condition they are going to have to make friends with to be successful in living their life to the fullest. Here are some thoughts, from a personal perspective,that might answer some questions and provide hope in figuring out a life long plan. No two cases are alike, but they all have some similarities. What works for one person may not work for others. I consider this disorder to be a combination of flaws in wiring in my brain and a chemical dysfunction. Many experience no filter for their emotions, so feelings and experiences seems to swing out of proportion compared to what others  seem to experience. The goal might be to figure out how to try to minimize or limit the huge swings, if at all possible. Many times I have had to ” White knuckle it”, when an episode occurs.Robin 5

The first recommendation I would offer would be, to love yourself unconditionally, at all times, even when you are struggling. I had an amazing teacher who once said that everyone should stand in front of a mirror, completely naked, and say “I love you”, at least ten times, everyday, even if you didn’t believe it. The reason for this exercise highlighted his belief that attitude is a habit, and a habit happens when an action or thought is repeated. No one asks for this condition and can carry no blame. Self talk is crucial. Never put yourself down, but instead say to yourself things like, “I feel lost but am trying  hard to find my way”.  Learning to re-state thoughts can make a difference as they are powerful.

My second thought is to understand what support system is available. There are four groups of people who care about most subjects, including mental disorders. ONE..the person affected, TWO..their family, friends, and others affected with the same disorder, THREE.. the Professionals including Physicians, Psychologists and mental health therapist and councilors who treat mental issues, and FOUR.. pharmaceutical companies who make money from this segment of society.

I think doing research on the web is valuable. Talking to others who have the same diagnosis can be educational. Reading personal accounts of other people’s experiences is also a great resource. All have experienced successes and failures.  Finding a mentor is extremely helpful. I have at least three. Yes, I am bipolar, with an official diagnosis since I was 45, 33 years ago, but had symptoms that surfaced when I was 28 when I had my first major episode. Mentors can be friends, family, or others with or without mental problems. They only need to be good listeners without judgemental attitudes. Mine all have no mental issues. There are many bloggers who write about their struggles and have comment sections attached to their blogs. Many seem open to an ongoing dialog. I would welcome anyone who needed a “friend” to have an ongoing discussion on my blog or under either of my menu items called ,”About” or “Marty’s Bipolar Trek”, or in the comment section under any of my blogs. Skype messaging is also a great place to have a private conservation, and group discussions are also available. Here is how I would envision a conservation with someone. I would ask them to share their stories and ask if they had any questions for me. If they were interested in my journey I would openly share my story. Some of the things I would share about  would be what has helped me keep level and how I handle my ups and downs. I am not suggesting anyone follow what I have tried, but some ideas might be helpful.

1.  I try not to get involved in things I have no control over.
2.  When I feel like I am going up or down I sometimes take a nap and say “Let’s reset the clock”. Getting overly tired sometimes is a trigger.
3.  I would share my belief that my disorder is both a flaw in my wiring and Chemistry.
4.  I try to eat healthy, choosing Organic, avoid GMO foods, avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, and avoid as much processed foods as possible. I do believe we are what we eat and drink. I never drink alcohol or take recreational drugs.
5.  I have an agreement with 3 people in case I get feelings or thoughts of harming myself.
6.  Having a daily  schedule or plan helps even if it needs to be changed occasionally.
7.  I avoid toxic people, news, and stories.
8.  I have found writing, blogging, and journeying to be helpful. Journeying is great for figuring out triggers which has become valuable in avoiding severe ups or downs. There have been far more downs than ups in my life. Plus, thoughts have energy and power. So when I write about what I am experiencing some of that excess energy or emotion is left on paper.
9.  I am creative and funnel my energies as a quitter as well. I can often pull myself up by just starting a new project or finishing an old one. Sometimes I have to force myself to make the move to my sewing room, but within a short time I find myself lost in my activity and forget I am depressed. The same goes for blogging.
10.  One day I was having a conversation with one of my mentors on Skype messaging and I mentioned I was down. We tried to figure out what triggered the down, as I had been level for some time. In 90 minute of talking I was level again. Another mentor calls at least once a week just to check in with me. Just knowing I have someone in the wings at all times is comforting. Mentoring doesn’t take a lot of time. Having my three has been a great tool in dealing with my disorder.
11.  And this is the most important, in my opinion. I work on loving and accepting myself all of the time, warts and all.
12.  I remind myself that since I have no filter on my emotions I have to step back and look at situations to make sure I am responding appropriately. I am probably on target but with too much emotion attached.
13.   I have to deal with conflict and not bury it or it will raise its ugly head and eventually trigger depression.

I hope what I have shared has planted some seeds of hope for anyone dealing with being Bipolar. I think being our own advocate is where most successful help lies. Those, like us, understand in  a way no one else can. I think we can make a difference if we are willing to reach out and mentor each other.

I will end with two quotes that are worth thinking about.
One is by Robert Frost.
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life. Define yourself”.

The second is from a site called Word Porn.
“I used to dislike being sensitive. I thought it made me weak. But take away that single trait, and you take the very essence of who I am. You take away my conscience, my ability to empathize, my intuition, my creativity, my deep appreciation of the little things, my vivid inner life, my  keen awareness to others pain and my passion for it all”.

I identify with both sayings, and hope many are encouraged by the message they present. Many people with Bipolar Disorder have many unique gifts that many others do not possess. Trust me, you do.

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I wrote this blog in September of 2014. I think it was my third blog ever. After 15 or so blogs, and less than a year, I took a few years off. I was primarily focused on mental issues, and got to the point where each new blog would have just been a ditto of one I had already written.

I began blogging again this past Spring with a broader focus, but am drawn back to my original interest, with some additional topics including, prevention, parenting, family, communication and some political leaning views.

I am amazed at how society has not changed their views on mental disorders. This month holds a sad reminder…. of Robin Williams’ death…. on Aug. 11, several years back. I am disappointed that a movement, related to mental problems, did not catch fire in honor of him. Robin was very special and gave the world so much joy.

I would hazard to guess that everyone reading these words knows someone who has been touched with some form of mental illness. The ones plagued, learn to be great actors or hide in that damn closet of shame and suffer alone.

I was touched when I reread the comments attached to this reblogged  post. I have come a long way in living with my condition. Writing helps me keep level. I love how I can lose myself when writing. I have read about others having the same experience. I think just releasing the built up energy helps in some way. I recently read “Having flawed chemistry does not mean you have a flawed character”. Brovo to who ever said that.

If anyone is unclear on where to start a dialog with me let me suggest we can do it on Marty’s Bipolar Trek. The link is under my Home Page picture at top center. I get alearts when anything is posted in any comment section. If anyone writes anything I will find it and respond as soon as I can. I invite all to join in and create a discussion, wheather a friend, family member or sufferer…………..So if anyone wants to read what a manic episode sounds like here is a birdseye view of one………………………..


Yes I am in the mist of an episode right this minute. I have been manic most of the last few days. This blog will probably not be my best writing, because I am having problems focusing and organizing my thoughts, because they are coming too fast to process, but here goes.

I  think I know what triggered it. A little over a month ago when Robin Williams committed suicide I wrote my feeling on my Face Book page. It read,” I think you must have had to suffer depression to really understand how hopeless and powerless it makes you feel. Often depressed souls are great actors when around other people. Many hide it by withdrawing. There seems to be a big stigma to mental illness. Answers are hard to come by for victims and loved ones. Pray for all who suffer”.

I had two very interesting responses to that post…

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