A Message of Hope For Conservatives by Monica Crowley

Monica Crawley is a very smart woman, often invited by Fox News, the only American News agency, that fairly reports about politics, to share her insight and wisdom. This is an amazing speech.

via Monica Crowley on The Swamp

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Reflections on 2017: Part 3… Trump Was & Still is “David” Facing Many “Goliaths”

The Goliaths Trump is having to deal with are huge in number. I compare Trump to David in the bible. He defeated Goliath, for the sake of his people. Some of the many Goliaths include the Democrats in congress, who only seem to want to obstruct any positive changes for America, and the Democratic National Committee. Both are hate filled machines. Another bunch of Goliaths are in Trump’s own party. They are  the ” Never Trumpers”, and are wolves in sheep’s clothing, like Flake and McCain from AZ, and the past living presidents. Others include George Soros, and people like left-wing groups similar to Media Matters. Another huge group includes most of the mainstream media, and major news papers across America. Probably the most surprising group is  known as the, “The Deep State”. And we can’t forget the establishment. They hate him, because he came into office, not owing anyone anything, except for the “We The People” voters, who elected him. The sadist group of Goliaths, in my opinion, are the Judges, who are always ready to rule against Trump’s efforts to make “America Great Again”, and safe. Thy file objections from the stand point of emotion, and not on the rules of law. They are trying to make new law. The Supreme Court usually puts them in their place, and shoots them down, giving Trump some support. All of the above Goliaths are also uncomfortable that Trump made his fortune before he got into to politics. MANY in the above list can not make that claim.

Trump hugging flagHere is a closer look at our “David”. He showed America that there was little difference between the two major parties. He exposed “The Swamp”,  promised to drain it, and showed that it was bipartisan. He made it clear that polls do not show the real heart beat of the American people by winning over a stacked deck.

As I watched Trump during the last eleven months he has been in office I am reminded of Harry Truman, with his straightforwardness, Andrew Jackson with his gruff and direct manner, and Ronald Reagan, with his love of America, and his ability to go around the media and reach the American people directly.

Because Trump is president, our constitution is safe for now. He is working to make us safe. He is firmly behind our military, and our men and women in Blue. He is fighting for ALL legal Americans, no matter what race they are. He reminds us of his accomplishments when he speaks publicly, not to brag, in my opinion, but to remind us, and let us know what has transpired, since the majority of the press and news sources  omit or twist what he has or is trying to accomplish.

I will not list his many accomplishments here but will steer anyone interested to a piece by The Washington Examiner, dated Jan. 15, 2018, titled Year One List; 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy  items repealed. Also WND, ( World Net Daily) has an article entitled, Big List of 175 Trump Accomplishments in 362 Days. There are many more articles that can be found by searching the Internet.Trump and flag

I am going to highlight some accomplishments that stuck our for me in 2017. The crown jewel was our newest Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch. The fact that Trump took a stand for Israel, and recognised Jerusalem as their capital, was long over due. He has tackled regulations, demanding that for every regulation put into law two must be removed. The Dow Jones is at a record high. Tax Reform passed, and  unemployment is down. He has also tried to lawfully restrict or limit people from countries entering the U. S., that he deems dangerous, and has supported in-depth vetting, with our national security in mind. He is trying to limit illegals from crossing out borders. These are just a few mile stones Trump can take credit for.

I love that Trump is not a politician, and wants to run the country like we run our house holds, and like the private sector.  His Chief of Staff, General Kelley, said that Trump never asks what would past presidents do in this circumstance. He asks how best can we fix this. Our history tells me that what our government officials have been doing, for decades, has not worked. How has Congress and our past administrations, back to the end of  Reagan’s reign, gotten us to the point where we need to Make America Great Again?

There are some people who surround Trump that makes me feel safe. They include, General Kelley, Vice President Pence, Steven Miller, Dr. Ben Carson, James Mathis, Betsy DeVos, Nikki Haley and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I am relieved that Trump dismissed some who were not a good fit. I see a few around him that trouble me, but I have faith that he will figure things out and make adjustments.images (7)

I am trying to mind read here. I think Trump was naive to think that the haters would fall in line when he won the election. He could not imagine that people would hate him more than they loved America. He knows that now, and is continuing to be the “David” We The People”, elected.

I will end by saying that rebellion without thought and clear purpose is dangerous. I think rebelling against Trump is foolish. Congress and all of America needs to step back and think about that statement in my humble opinion. If all Americans get behind the eight ball, and put our shoulders to the task of repairing America, the healing can begin, and we can move forward in the task of making America Great Again.

Trump accomplishments 



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Reflections on 2017: Part 2…Open Secrets… Sexual Misconduct Across the Nation

I am puzzled over the explosion that erupted over sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other places, since it has been an open secret for decades. However, I am happy the subject finally broke out of its grave, buried in broad daylight. The outburst uncovered stories in almost every segment of society imaginable.

Rose McGowan was the one who placed the straw on the camel’s back that apparently broke it. She divulged actions of Harvey Weinstein. He was a power player in sin city and the entertainment industry. Many people have been well aware of his behavior for decades.  Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, Howard Stern, Brad Pitt and Jane Fonda are just a smidgen of people who have come out admitting they knew or suspected there was a problem. By some accounts Oprah enabled a few meetings with some ladies that ended up being victimized. Hollywood seemed to be a huge “Halls of Shame”.

Harvey was accused of rape, sexually harassing and assaulting women. He paid off  accusers  for decades. Most collected between $80,000.00 and $150,000.00. Weinstein Co. knew about the payoffs since 2015. Previsions were written into his contract about pay offs.  The agreement stated that settlements would be paid as long as he paid the money back with penalties attached. Each event would have an increased fine. The stories, that many have made public, have been full of sick and disgusting events.

A list of others accused in the industry is long and still growing. Some who have been accused are, celebrity chef Mario Batavi, comedian Louis C. K., Richard Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Steven Segal, Kevin Spacey and many producers, directors, and others mixed in the Hollywood community.  Many have not been  officially charged, some have lost jobs, some have denied the allegations, and some have apologized. One former child actor even mentioned the subject  of abuse on a Barbara Walters interview years ago and began talking about his memories in 2017.

May I add that the room full of black clad ladies that attended the recent Golden Globe Awards were in the company of a bunch of hypocrites. They reminded me of the thief who  is sorry for getting caught but not for the theft. They were celebrating 2017 accomplishments, pretending they were shocked and supporting the victims, yet Mc Gowan was not invited to the event.

The media has been hit hard as well. Matt Lauer of NBC, who has been vocal about  charges against Trump, that have not been proven, has fallen flat on his hypocritical face. Charlie Rose, a talk show host for CBS, is also gone. Several producers and employees in that field have also been fired. Power sometimes breeds some bad behavior.

Congress has a black eye over this as well. John Conyer, a Democratic House of Representative, resigned over allegations a woman in his office made. She claimed she was fired because she rejected his sexual advances. Before he decided to resign he threatened to take many down with him if he was forced to leave. I am sorry he did not carry out his threat. He reportedly paid some “hush” money, over $27,000, to settle this complaint under a confidentiality agreement. It was reported that the funds came from his allowance to run his D. C. office, which is supported by tax payers. Cokie Roberts said that females knew not to get into an empty elevator with Conyer, again proof that the problem was an open secret.

AZ  Representative Trent Franks resigned over allegations. A U. S. appeals court Judge, 67-year-old Alex Kozinsky, chose to retired from his lifetime appointment after dozens of women came forward with damaging claims of sexual misconduct. And let us not forget Senator Al Franken who was  pictured touching Leeann Tweeden’s chest while she was asleep and stories from other women. Thank God he resigned.

What troubles me is that there has been a slush fund in place for ten years to settle claims in the event money was needed to settle sexual harassment complains. This fund was for members of congress to draw from. This slush fund was supplied by  taxpayers. This was set up in the Treasury Dept. Seventeen million dollars have been paid out over ten years. It is not clear how much of that was for sexual harassment. Names have not been revealed who  the monies were paid out for as of 2018. This fact was uncovered in 2017.

The sports arena has some problems as well. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is selling his team over allegations over sexual misconduct and using racist language. NFL Network has suspended Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans as well.

I must include some outlandish and sad tidbits. Oklahoma city Mayor Kirk Humphreys publicly demanded rights for Pedophiles. He said it’s the same as being gay. A news story stated that sex trafficking is on the increase due to internet online sales of girls, children, and women. Mary Letourneau was a shock to the nation years ago but the problem she brought to light seems to be picking up steam.  News has been flooded with stories of coaches, doctors, and teachers who have crossed the line with underaged students and young people in their charge.

There seems to be an industry developing, that collects money to trash public officials, using sexual abuse and misconduct as their focus. Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred, any group or foundation connected to George Soros or David Brock, come to mind. Donors also fall in that category. The sad part about this is that many come out of the woodwork who are willing to lie or stretch the truth for the pay off which waters down accusations that are true.  “Targeting”, using “Sexual misconduct”, seems to be replacing the hammer of “Racism”, to get rid of conservatives.

I am troubled that Public opinion is getting in the way of due process.  Some may not be guilty.  Some are clearly guilty and have apologized. But being falsely accused can be damaging and the people who make false accusations know this.

In closing  I have to ask those who acted offended in 2017, “Where were you when Bill Clinton’s victims spoke out?” Shame on the ones who knew then and knew for decades about Hollywood. How about the other examples that were in plain sight in other segments in society? These stories are not new. They have been hiding in plain sight for years. All of the frauds dressed in black at the recent Golden Globes ARE a bunch of hypocrites. Same goes for Washington D. C. Society is not stupid and will not forget. Much of society will carry a black eye because of the Walk of Shame many are watching unfold. That includes the ones who stood back and watched it happen, for what ever reason.

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What really died at Auschwitz? Here’s an interesting viewpoint. The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez and published in a Spanish newspaper. It doesn’t take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the rest of Europe – and possibly to the rest of the world.

I walked down the streets in Barcelona and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz. We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

The contribution of these people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the…

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Reflections on 2017: Part 1… Comparing Christmas to Other American Holidays

When New Years rolls around little time has probably been spent relaxing since mid November. Beside day-to-day living and working at jobs outside the home, hours have been spent on special planning for Thanksgiving. Then the Christmas season swings into full force. Huge displays of decorations, both indoors and out, are usually the first item on to-do-lists. Then searching for special gifts for family and friends are tackled. Planning that special Christmas dinner is important. Travel arrangements have to be considered for both long and short distance travel. Christmas cards and news letters need to be compiled and sent. The calendar is filled with school and community holiday activities and programs. Charitable requests seem to take off with constant reminders. The bank account might even become stretched to the limit during this time.New Years 2018

The week between Christmas and New Years seems to be a time when minds reset to face life with a fresh new perspective for the coming year. Piles of returns might need to be dealt with, and the contemplation of removing the decorations is in order. Schools are still out for the holidays, and there are tons of Bowl games to watch. It may  seem like a good time to crash temporarily.

For some reason I began comparing the Christmas holidays to other holidays and events throughout the year that do not seem as overwhelming. I counted 12, not counting Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. New Years, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Fathers’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day are the ones I came up with. I may have missed some.

Then there are special days such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, and others that are celebrated by days off from school or the work place. Some provoke big sales days in the business world. There are special days celebrated around different cultures and religions as well.

My point is that Christmas seems to be the only holiday that is overwhelming and the most stressful. I think this might be a good time to reflect and see if planning could turn the holidays around to become less stressful. Maybe putting a spot light on the meaning of Christmas could be a start. I think reviewing the Christmas experience, while it is fresh on one’s mind, might bring some well deserved insight on what changes might bring on a more meaningful and less stressful holiday for next year.

I am at the age where Christmas has absolutely no stress attached to it, and that has been the case for years. I have alway had all of my shopping or gift making done by Thanksgiving. I was then free to enjoy holiday bazaars, attend Church and school programs, search out the best holiday lights to visit, and attend any family function that I was included in. I stopped worrying about buying gifts for family members who were in the habit of buying things they wanted or needed throughout the year.

I have three memories from this year that stand out in my heart. The first is the memory of two get-to-gathers with my family. On Christmas morning I joined my oldest son’s family for gift exchanges and then enjoyed a delightful brunch. That afternoon I had dinner with my other two sons and their families. Two of my married granddaughters and husbands and children were there as well. I had the pleasure of meeting my third great-grandson for the first time. My other two great grand children were there as well.

Memory two involves my favorite gift for the season, from number three son and his family. Besides hosting the family dinner he informed me that my gift from his family was in the form of a gift to a family in Mexico. They had provided funds to pay the expenses for their children to go to school for a year. The money provided uniforms and covered any other school expenses needed. That gift made may heart sing.

My third memory, that will live in my heart, involves a gift from me. It was for a family of seven, five children and mom and dad,  that I heard about. They were found homeless, living in a tent somewhere in AZ. The family that found them wrote about them on Facebook, and a movement was born  to help them. I have never been more honoured to make a donation and join in a movement to help a family begin rebuilding their lives. They were invited into the home of the family who got this ball rolling, during Christmas, for two glorious days, and enjoyed soft beds, hot showers, great food, gifts, and enjoyed warm fellowship. They have moved on and things have started looking up for them.

I would like to pass on an idea from a talented cousin of mine. She created an activity jar  during the holidays. She filled it with ideas of projects written on pieces of paper. Some were things like baking and decorating cookies, going to see local Christmas lights,  having a singing session of Christmas song, or watching Christmas movies. When her grandchildren dropped by they got to pick something out of the jar, and that was their activity for the day. Moments like the experiences that came from the activity jar can be priceless and cost little to nothing.

I would like to present and idea. Sit down with your families and discuss what was meaningful, and what was not, during this past season, and talk about any changes or additions for next year, that might make Christmas a “Knock out of the park experience”.

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“Paper Tigers” Do Not Make Good Candidates For Friendships

The paper  tigers I speak of are people with varying degrees of Narcissistic Personally Disorder.  A Paper Tiger is usually someone who appears threatening,  but is ineffective when they are found out. I have known three who I have considered, “Thoroughbreds”, over my almost eighty years. Knowing some concentrated traits can help avoid hitting a brick wall when encountering this disorder in others.  This blog will probably go over the heads of any narcissist reading it, which is the main reason they never seem to change for the better.

Here is what many professionals have to say about this sad part of society. Most are male. There is no clear-cut cause. Some think family environment, being plummeted with excessive criticism,  genetics, and neurobiology , the connection between the brain and behavior and thinking are thought to be major contributors.

The beginning seeds  were probably planted as a defense  mechanism and insulation from pain. One of the  main symptoms is an inflated  sense of self-importance. They are needy, and have to be “Top Dog”. They have a great drive for excessive attention and admiration. The greatest roadblock they exhibit is the lack of empathy for others.

Other traits include  being right fighters, score keepers, and are heavy on “One Up man ship” ,with EVERYONE, and are well versed in the “Blame Game”, and “My way or the highway” attitude. Most of their actions carry strings attached. Self promoting takes up lots of their energy. They cannot tolerate being disagreed  with or being challenged because of their being so fragile emotionally. They feel a strong entitlement. Bullying behavior can easily creep in. They appear to have “Swiss Cheese”, hearts and souls. They seem to only relate to their mind connection and not the heart. They are ego driven rather than by a purpose of just doing something for the pleasure of it. Behind a mask of  extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism. They become gravely unhappy when they don’t get the recognition they think they deserve. They can easily exaggerate achievements and talents. It is common for them to believe they are superior to most and can only associate  with equally  special people  and belittle those who do not meet their  “Standards”. If they happen to change their minds about those like-minded people, that they are not a special person after all, they can turn on a dime, and become the proverbial  Jekyll  and Hyde. They seldom give a nano thought after such a person has been kicked to the curb. They are super critical of others with little reason. They demand unquestioning compliance from others, void of  any consideration, and are unwilling or unable to acknowledge the needs and feelings of others.They think others envy them, and are conceited, arrogant, boastful and pretensions. They have difficulty regulating behavior and react with rage or contempt, and try to belittle others to make themselves seem superior.  They have major problems with stress and adapting to change.

Sometimes the warning signs are hard to recognize when there is not a lot of contact with such a person. I was presented with a situation when I married and my brother-in-law turned out to be a text-book case.  Much restraint  and good manors had to be brought into play, for nineteen years. The subject was a co-owner of a radio station with his wife. Bill and Lois were their names. He reminded me of a radio without an off switch. He never shut up. His wife managed the office and kept track of the revenue and payroll, and the staff ran the news and programming  end of the operation. Bill was a brilliant engineer and kept the radio tower, that received and transmitted the radio signal, in pristine working order. He viewed himself as having a lot of friends. The fact was that he had none, only employees and advertisers. He constantly criticized everyone within his reach and considered them far beneath himself, no matter how well they performed.

Lois spent most of her time stroking him and bending to his ever need. Her one great love was a beautiful flower garden full of Gladiolus and Irises. One year while visiting them I noticed that her garden was in disarray and pretty sad-looking. I inquired about it, and Lois said that Bill had resented the time she spent in the garden, and had finally insisted that she stop gardening. I was dumbfounded at his lack of empathy.

I will note that he was estranged from his children, to the point where he did not attend his only daughter’s wedding.

I remember when my husband and I were their guests we were often held hostage with endless stories about his hunting trips. There was no chance of changing the subject so we could all talk about a variety of subjects that would include everyone.  I often discreetly plugged  music buds in my ears and stuck a book in my face.

When the TV was on, Bill would switch the channel every ten minutes so no one could follow any program.

Once when they were visiting  I headed for the kitchen to prepare breakfast . Bill stepped in and informed me that he preferred that Lois fix his breakfast. I said,”Sure”, expecting that he had some complicated dietary requirement, only to find out that he always ate two eggs, over easy with dry toast.  Stories like these repeated themselves for nineteen years until my husband’s death. It was sad to see that Lois had chosen to be a “Sacrificial Lamb’. Others in their lives escaped that sentence.

A second example involved a wonderful idea that got derailed because someone with this disorder could not step aside and let the plan work. It was a community movement to bring together quitters to make coverings for the needy and elderly in the community. The project was derailed because this person wanted to control ever aspect of the group, to the point where she chose the colors and patterns each participant made, and kept putting restrictions on the group. The group was short-live. ” The Paper Tiger’s” power was short-lived.

To sum up some of the major reasons why Paper Tigers do not make good friends is because the Narcissist doesn’t think anything is wrong with themselves. Only they can make any changes, and one has to recognise a problem in order to fix it. The defence mechanism they have in place is usually to deeply seeded, and they are too fragile to dig deep enough to make any significant change.

As far as the counter-part to the Narcissus is concerned here are some grave concerns and realities they need to recognise about these flawed individuals. Their needs are never-ending, tiring, and draining. Their lack of empathy, and constant criticism is hurtful. I think those who try to befriend them end up feeling like the narcissist is literally standing on their shoulders with no end in sight.

I doubt if anyone will ever hear these three statements from someone with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

1. I was wrong.
2. I am sorry.
3. How can I repair the damage?

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Small Acts Of Kindnesses Are Needed Beyond Christmas

For some reason the Christmas season brings out our giving spirit and a feeling of altruism. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could incorporate that spirit of giving year around? I think it  would be a wonderful idea if everyone wrote a phrase on their calendar or appointment book as a  reminder. The phrase could be “A Small Act of Kindness”.

This week I was reminded of how small a gesture can be to make a huge impact on someone. Turned out that one moment in my life this week lead to one, then  another, then another, then another.

I was invited to an open house where everyone was given a pie to take home. I avoid sugar, so I needed to find a home for this delicacy. I remembered that I had an acquaintance living near by who was the soul care giver of her husband who has  dementia. In a few minutes I was knocking on her door with pie in hand. I got a full-bodied smile and an invite in for a long visit.

I first met my friend while attending a weekly quilting group who made covers for charity. During our visit she told me that she had a friend with lots of sewing and quilting supplies, who was wanting to donate to some group, who could put her treasures to good use beyond the small group she attended. I told her about the Linus Project. They makes quilts and blankets for children in hospitals from ages birth to eighteen.  Then I told her about a mother whose daughter was incarcerated in a women’s prison here in WA. The prison  has a program where they teach some of the inmates how to quilt. All of the supplies are donated. The quilts the inmates make go to charitable organizations. One special feature of this program is that after the inmate has finished serving her time, she is allowed to chose a quilt she has made and take it home with her as  reminder of her accomplishment. ripple effect

These   slivers of  “An Act Of Kindness”turned into a ripple effect. A gift of a pie was re-gifted, then information was shared that would help someone share her treasures and touch sick children and women trying to improve their lives. Both The Linus Project and the women in prison would both end up reaping rewards. What ever charity received the quilts would also reap the rewards of the donations and  time volunteers spent creating the quilts. Plus the inmates would have the opportunity to learn some life skills that would be at their fingertips for the rest of their lives.

“Acts of Kindness Moments” Do not have to be costly or spectacular. I remember another instance that happened this past year. I love to make soup but get tired of eating it for a week at a time. I have never leaned to make a small batch. My husband once said that in a past life I must have been an army cook. Anyway, I got a light-bulb moment one day when a pot was ready for the fridge. I put a hefty portion of my soup in a container, jumped in the car and picked up a packaged salad, a jar of pickled asparagus, a bottle of apple cider and some cookies from the grocery store, and surprised my friend and her husband with dementia with a surprise dinner. You would have thought I had brought her a Prime Rib Dinner by her reaction. Her gratitude humbled me.

I hope many will take my suggestion and consider putting that short phrase “A Small Act Of Kindness” somewhere where it can be a reminder. I can almost guarantee that the giver’s heart will sing louder than the receivers will.

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