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I want to help bring mental illness out of the closet, into the open and into everyday conversations. I want to promote understanding that anyone can be effected, and that because of the stigmas attached to having mental problems we … Continue reading

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Losing Myself in Depression

The past two weeks have been full of depression, not a fun time.  I wish I could figure out why my chemistry goes haywire.  When the depression takes over I do not feel present.  I lose who I believe I … Continue reading

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Yes I am in the mist of an episode right this minute. I have been manic most of the last few days. This blog will probably not be my best writing, because I am having problems focusing and organizing my … Continue reading

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Having Courage To Speak Out Was Scary… But Necessary

After finishing my first  published blog today I went poking around to see how things worked.  I saw where I could immediately connect to Face Book and I tried and got there fine.  Then I saw Face Book  down below. … Continue reading

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