God Bless The NRA

I can honestly say I never gave much thought about the NRA until I had a heated conservation with someone about guns and the organization. He said some pretty strange things about both. So I decided to look into what the NRA was all about. I have become a huge fan. I have never owed a gun, but now am the proud owner of a NRA membership. I have promoted them in several groups I now belong to.

My message is, to join the NRA, and buy a gun if you feel you will be safer owning one, and commit to being responsible with education and training, that the NRA provides. Thank you Captain for tweaking my interest.

 In response to the nut cases who are blaming the NRA for the latest shooting in FL, may I remind them that the bloody hands belong to the shooter, the school board and school, who ignored problems with this kid. They also failed to report crimes at the school by others, in order to keep their crime record low, for funding purposes. They did not effectively report the future shooter to anyone who could have possibly stopped him. A councilor has come forward with troubling statements Nikolas Cruz made, that needed to be reported. The ball kept being passed around or ignored.The FBI sat on reported  warnings. The coward officers who stood outside the school, hiding while shots were being fired,  the FL police department, and Broward  County Sheriff Scott Israel share a part of the blame as well, for this horrible event.  Why heads have not rolled is beyond me. There were  years of reports of abuse and problems with this boy and his brother, since 2010, that were swept under the rug or ignored. 

Now back to the protesters who are blaming the NRA. I want to share a conversation a mom had with her son when he asked permission to protest in the ” Walk Out” this past week. Here is what good parenting looks like. Maybe others can take notice and be the kind of parent kids both need and deserve:

“Son: Is it Okay if I protest on Wednesday?
Mom: Protest what? Why would you do that?
Son: Protests initiate change. They bring awareness to the issue.
Mom: Yes, like what?
Son: Like civil rights. People had to protest for the right to vote, etc, (He went on).
Mom: That’s true! Protests can be a great catalyst. So what are you protesting?
Son: Gun laws.
Mom: And what are the current gun laws?
Son: I don’t know, but they need to change.
Mom: How do you know that if you don’t know what they are? Who makes the gun laws? Whose attention are you trying to get? State, federal, local….?
Son: I don’t know.
Mom: Then no, you may not protest in ignorance. You don’t protest something just because everyone else is doing it. What is happening in our schools is wrong, and scary, and sad, and yes, some things need to change. But you must educate yourself before you can be an agent of change. I am all about protesting for change, for justice and being passionate about a cause. I am not about blindly following the crowd of  ignorance.”

Another mother reported that her daughter asked to be a part of the “Walk Out”, and was told no. The daughter participated anyway. So  instead of getting to hang out with her friends the girl had to research and write an essay on gun laws, and what she thought should change, and why.  She had to look up statistics on shootings in gun free zones, and how the stricter gun laws in Chicago have impacted shootings. She had to report on what impact police involvement had on the 17 killed. The mom explained to her daughter that there are gun laws in place, and that laws don’t stop criminals. She added that severely depressed and angry kids don’t care about gun laws. This was another great example of superb parenting.

All schools and many parents did not support the “Walk Out”. Parents and students reported that they were forced or threatened if they did not join in the activity. On a good note, several schools made sure the kids who defied the order to not participate were served consequences. Pennsylvania schools issued more than 200 detentions over student “Walk Outs”.

This third story highlights a good guy owning a gun, that might have saved a tragedy from happening, while a family was driving in traffic:

A mom with two kids in the car was sitting in traffic, when a driver almost rear ended her, four separate times. She changed lanes to get away from him. He was in a truck. All of a sudden she heard her daughter screaming, “Mommy he’s pointing a gun at you”. She looked over and two people were hanging out of the truck waving pistols at her. Keep in mind , all she did was change lanes to get away from the offending driver.  She unbuckled her kids and told them to get on the floorboard. She then heard a trucker on the other side of her yelling. He was now standing between her car and the threatening  truck. He had seen everything and pulled out a shotgun from his truck to protect this family. The car with the threatening guns fled down the emergency lane, cut through traffic, and got off an exit. Thanks to a complete stranger  with a carry permit this mom got home safely with her kids.

There are laws on the books that are not being followed or enforced. Maybe the NRA should have offices all across America, and take calls, when someone sees something, reports it to officials like the police or the FBI, and are ignored, like in the case of the FL shooter, and follow-up on the complaints to make sure they get the proper attention they deserve. Now that is a thought that might save some lives.

Since the FL shooting  membership to the NRA and gun purchases have increased. The second amendment is safe from those who consider deaths a casuality of war for stripping the second amendment from the constitution.

Join the NRA

Myth of Gun Control

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Squashing Free Speech On Campus

I think it is unfortunate that so many in universities and colleges, and even in high schools, are uneducated fools, that only believe in FREE SPEECH, when it comes to ideas or opinions they agree with. They have no concept of what FREE SPEECH means. They are on the losing end. Shame on educators and college professionals for supporting these misguided students. I hope every cent of Federal money is withheld from these universities and colleges when they support such nonsense, and that Federal scholarships are not made available, until the universities and colleges wise up. They are acting in a disgraceful manner. Parents and educators of our children need to get their heads screwed on properly. Let us become AMERICANS WHO WANT TO HONOR THE CONSTITUTION, and learn to have meaningful dialogues, where solutions can happen. Feelings and emotions are not necessarily rooted in fact.

PA Pundits - International

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

Leftists in the Trump era claim to be the guardians of the First Amendment against an allegedly authoritarian president. But over the last few years, the leftists have been the authoritarians on campus, squashing speeches by speakers they deem “fascist,” and claiming that ideas they don’t agree with are somehow tantamount to “violence.”

The latest example came from Lewis and Clark College in Portland – the alma mater of Monica Lewinsky. On March 5, the local Federalist Society welcomed Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys and Who Stole Feminism?

A gaggle of leftist groups scribbled a letter demanding the college cancel this speaker and her “violence.” They claimed “under the guise of ‘open debate’ and ‘free discourse’…[conservatives invited] a known fascist to our campus to encourage what we believe to be an act of aggression and violence toward members of…

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Why I Love Talking to Teens About Mental Health

What a powerful piece.

Peace from Panic


This week I was so excited to do my favorite type of volunteer work with NAMI — presenting their in-school program, “Ending the Silence.” The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) developed the presentation to raise awareness of mental health and mental illness, and to help end the stigma.

My co-presenter and I gave six one-hour presentations to high school freshmen. We were in a huge classroom with about 90 students in each presentation. That’s nearly 500 kids in two days, who learned about the warning signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, and what to do if they notice those signs in themselves or a friend.

I’m passionate about starting the conversation with teens. To let them know it’s okay to talk about mental health issues. Just like a physical disease, mental illness is a real medical illness that needs treatment.

Image result for images of ending the silence

As presenters, we speak candidly about our own…

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Suicide Prevention: When Someone Reaches Out…. Take Action

This past week-end I read two posts, from a Facebook friend and veteran, that told me he was in a dark place. I reached out, and here is what transpired.

My friend, Jack, posts  truthful stories on FB, that upset them, so he gets put in ” FB Jail”, a lot. In the past when he was not able to open FB I would send links to his phone. I temporarily forgot that I had his number. Thankfully I remembered, while trying to figure out how to reach him.

Here are the two posts that I read:
“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly……………numb.”

“When the very medicines that were supposed to help you with depression eat away all of your emotions, but sadness, life becomes very dark. Can’t do this to the people I love the most anymore.”

When I read the first one I just thought he was referring to the current state America is in at the moment. He is a patriot through and through. When I read the second I became very alarmed.

I sent him a message on FB asking if he was ok. No response. Then I reached out to a group I knew he belonged to and to three mutual friends we shared. No response there either.

I live in WA state and he lives in ID. I thought, “I need to do something, but what”. I ended up calling the police in his hometown and requested a wellness check. I finally found his phone number and read the posts that concerned me. The policeman agreed that the messages sounded troubling, and that I had done the right thing by calling them. They were kind enough to call me back later to tell me that he was in good hands and that things were under control.

I want to share three comments that followed  that puts some light on what our vets face:
From a friend Daryl: “There is some luck in this good outcome. As my friend M. T. would tell you. We have some local dept’s like, Mesa AZ, that just might come out and kill him for his own protection. Police are poor social workers, and getting worse all the time, so calling them brings risks that are never to be overlooked.”

A response to the above comment by Jack: ” Daryl, I am the one she called on. What you say is 100%  truth. I am blessed to live in Idaho, where the cops truly care and are Patriots. Other places are not good for veterans. Remember what we were labeled by our government, “As dangerous as a domestic terrorist”? That statement is a green light to take whatever action “necessary”. Liberal city’s don’t want us there (like Broward), because  when the shit hits the fan they know we are the biggest threat to them”.

Here was my response to the above posts on FB: “I had no other resource but to call. Even if I got in my car and drove to ID I had no address or resource to find him. I could not ignore the fear and panic I felt, and am happy the police in ID took me seriously, and found this precious man who is a patriot through and through. He served out country, may have some detrimental effect from what he saw and went through while serving, and needs America to help him pick up the pieces. That is not too much to ask, in my opinion. My only purpose was to make sure Jack was not carrying his burden alone, and that his family was in the loop in real-time. Sometimes we try to shield our loved ones from knowing the depth of pain we are experiencing during a dark time. We really do not want them to feel it too. So we try to carry the burden alone, which makes the depression, or whatever, heavier. I am bipolar and am familiar with the possible cycles that can occur. A glimmer of light can always appear when others are made aware of a person in need of some extra love and understanding, and are allowed to temporally help carry the burden, in an unconditional and loving way. Deep depression can feel like you are trapped in a box, with no way out. Friends and loved ones, when allowed, can help create an exit door, where there is light and hope.

Jack shared with me that one day, while in the military, his unit was lined up and given immunizations. The next day seven, including him, ended up in the hospital, extremely sick. He has suffered anxiety, insomnia and depression as a result of that, in his opinion.

He is surrounded by a loving and supportive family, who is in “The Loop”. They have a strong spiritual belief system in place. He is not alone and hopefully will find relief and peace.



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Not All Facebook Groups Are Created Equal…Plus A Troubling Update

I published this blog in February. Sadly, it was removed by someone who had access to my account, without my permission.  He is the main character in the following story that follows. He is also the creator of the two think tanks that are featured in this true account of facts, along with some opinions and observations of mine.

I consider the removal of my blog, by Mr. Atridim, to be a form of bullying. Lucky I am low tech, and had a hard copy of the deleted blog. I have copied and pasted it to my personal FB page, where over 30 have seen it, been shared several times and has 25 comments. My action was the result of having my blog deleted. If it is removed again I have a source to retrieve it and repost it here. I will not be silenced. Eleven people got to read the original blog before it was removed. Deleting my blog, by Mr. Atridim, helps support much of what I say in my account of the past week and year.

Here is my story, and was the blog that was removed.

My first experience with a Facebook group took place about five years ago, when I got an invitation from the administrator, Rick Atridim, of World Think Tank. A few years later I was invited to join the sister group, called Chandler-Gilbert Think Tank. This week those relationships ended, when I stated my  impression of the tanks, on my personal Facebook page, that angered Mr. Atridim. I stated that free speech was dead in the tanks. I am going to share some of my experiences and observations, while being in both tanks, and describe the event that ended my membership. Reading my story will provide some insight on what a future or remaining member will probably encounter.

I apologize, in advance, for the length of this blog. It will seem more like a chapter in a book, but all of the information and descriptions are needed to convey a clear picture  of what happened.

These particular tanks are public, which means anyone can view the contents, but only members can post information, or make comments on what is being discussed. Rick, the administrator, created a mission statement, guidelines to follow, which change often, approves  membership, approves material that gets in, and has the ability to remove both members, and their comments at will. He frequently alerts members by saying, “I have not heard from some members in a long time, and perhaps it is time to do a member Purge”. WTT has been limited to 200 in the past, but he is in the process of paring down the number to 100. CGTT is unlimited. As of last week there were 336 members in CGTT. Despite the membership numbers, less than a dozen ever comment or even leave “Likes”. Facebook keeps a tally of people visiting  WTT, but does not  tally CGTT views due to its size. There is no way to tell if the ones looking in are even members, but from random non-members. I researched the number of views in WTT for Rick, when he was planning a purge, and found that 58 was the highest count for a post, that I could find. I reported the names of the members who had viewed a post in a three-month period.

He also developed his own award system to indicate when he particularly likes what someone says. In the beginning those awards were for “Leadership”, for “Excellence in Reporting” and for “Journalism  Excellence”. Later he added awards for “Kindness” and “Speaking From Ones Mind and Heart”. I have been awarded many awards over the years, and have been frequently praised by Rick as well.

My enthusiasm for being a member waned this past year for a couple of reasons. One was when a fairly new member was removed. I was not surprised after reading the post that angered Rick. My thought was, “His head is going to roll”, and it did. The member was too new to know that it was unwise to openly question, criticise, or disagree with Rick, but to just keep his opinions and thoughts to himself.

What happened was, Rick posted a long piece from His Atridim New Journal on Facebook about Jerusalem being recognized as Israel’s capital by the U. S. The new member said that Rick’s post sounded familiar. He researched  and found what Rick had written was on Politico, word for word, and included a link to prove his point, and mentioned the word “plagiarism. The member was kicked out of the tank, and was also blocked from seeing the tank’s contents as well.

A second thing that troubled me was that one day a banner popped up in the tanks, and it said, “POSTING A COMMENT THAT SAYS, “I AGREE” or, “I DISAGREE “, IS OUT OF ORDER”. That stance struck me as oppressive, and appeared to squash free speech. It seemed to me that for a group to be a “Think Tank” free speech was paramount. That  banner appeared in late November of 2017, and was the day I knew I would be leaving the tanks. I did not want to desert the friends and acquaintances I had developed over the past 3 and 5 years, so I spent the next few weeks extending my personal friendship to all in both tanks, not knowing if any would respond. Many did. I then deleted documents of mine in CGTT and one in WTT. I no longer felt that they represented my feelings or beliefs about either tank. One was entitled,”What I Love About CGTT & WTT”. I also had written a blog entitled, “A Glimpse Of Free Speech At Its Finest”, that  featured the tanks. My feeling no longer matched that title or contents, so I removed it from my blog site. In my mind I was going to take a wait and see approach in hopes some positive changes would take place in the tanks. I set March 1, 2018 as my goal to leave if things continued to deteriorate, so losing my membership this week was not great loss.

Fast forward to this past week when some comments were made in WTT by a valued member, me, and Rick, talking about guns and the recent shooting in FL. The member began his post by saying, he respectfully disagreed with a comment, and said, “They should allow teachers to carry concealed weapons”, and some other remarks. Rick responded by saying, “I respectfully disagree with all of my heart! Teachers carrying guns is NOT going to solve the problem. US gun laws must be strengthened to disallow people with mental illness from gaining access to guns”. Then I chimed in saying, “I completely agree with Richard”. I then added that I had read before that we were not allowed to agree or disagree with one another, but since those words appeared in this thread I guessed that rule had dropped by the wayside. Rick immediately revisited and revised the Guidelines, and here is what was posted in both tanks:

CGTT Members…Re-read the CGTT Pinned Header
The following lines have been added/revised:
CGTT is a new concept in quality group thinking, focused on QUALITY of members…not quantity of members.
Avoid stating “I agree”or “I disagree” with a member. Such statements are of little or no value. It is more valuable to create a new comment that conveys what you think.”

Rick then returned to the tank where the discussion was going on and requested that the other member and I revise our comments, based on the revised guidelines, which we did. I am a rule follower, and have never said or done anything, in either tank, to show disrespect towards what was going on, even if I disagreed. I thought it strange that even Rick had broken his “rule” in the first place. I think Rick deleted his offending comment. I then exited the tank and headed to my personal FB page.

I can’t remember word for word ,exactly what I posted on my personal FB page, but I remember feeling very sad about the reminder that free speech was dead in the tanks, and I said so. A short time later Rick showed up on my page and said, “This post places your membership, and all awards, in suspension. It is up to you to make amends to maintain membership”. My response was quite lengthy, but in a nut shell I said that this was my personal page, and that I did not have to make amends for my personal opinions. There was some back and forth, then I left  to visit a friend on FB. She, all of a sudden said, “He is threatening everybody who raised their voice against him on your page”. I jumped into action and blocked him, to protect my friends.

A short time later I got to read the banner that announced my removal from both tanks. It read, “An Awarded member is no longer a member due to a derogatory comment on their page”. Underneath this was added. “Watch what you post on your page, or other’s pages about this group. Captain Rick sees all and is determined to maintain CGTT as one of the highest quality think tanks on Facebook”. Talk about proving my point, that free speech was dead in the tanks, and also outside the tanks as well. Not  only did he revoke my membership from both tanks, I was blocked from the groups all together, so I could not view them, like other non-members could.

Later this message showed up in CGTT from Rick. It read,”RickAtridimGroup Admin”, “It does not matter how high of position you hold in society or political life. If you do not honor comment gurdelines…you will be excused as is the case here. WTT and CGTT are focused on quality excellence…not political bullying. When a member is excused, they also are excused from both CGTT and WTT and banned from future entry. If you enjoy your membership, protect it by reading, understanding, and honoring the comment guidelines posted in the pinned header. CGTT standards are very high. It is why CGTT is one of Facebook’s highest quality Think Tanks”.Unbelievable. I had to block him from my FB page because he was bullying people there. And his “guidelines” are full of platitudes, like, “WTT has grown to become Facebook’s highest quality think tank because of its comment guidelines that “ENSURE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND RESPECT FOR EVERY MEMBER’S THOUGHTS”.

Since my removal from the tanks I have had over two dozen past and present members reach out to me privately and on my FB page. They all have echoed many of my impressions, that the tanks were no longer a forum for open and honest discussions about important subjects. Some even pointed out that the focus seemed to be less on the group concept, and was beginning to look like a venue for Rick to share his blogs, and hobbies, with no invitation for members to do the same. Some even suggested I start a group.  My reply was, that my blog and Facebook page was sufficient for me, and all were welcome to visit, share and discuss anything, as free expression was alive and well in both venues. I have become more active in several other groups with the names Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Deplorable, and Trump being in the group names. They are thriving with some bright people leaving thought-provoking comments.

All Facebook group administrators have the right to create  their  vision, what ever that might be. Some members might enjoy Mr. Atridim’s groups, and enjoy his style and requirements for membership. There are hundreds of other groups that might also fit the bill for people looking for a place to express themselves and see what others or saying about subjects they are interested in. All groups are not created equal but a fit can be found, I am sure of that.

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Great read.

Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now

The Trump administration is weighing an offer from casino magnate and big-time Republican donor Sheldon Adelson to partially fund the construction of a new embassy in Jerusalem, U.S. officials said.

State Department lawyers are looking into the legal framework for accepting private donations to cover some or all of the embassy costs, reported The Associated Press, citing four administration officials.

Adelson, a staunchly pro-Israel billionaire, has offered to pay the difference between the total cost of construction and what the administration is able to raise from other donors in the evangelical Christian and Jewish communities.

The new embassy is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

President Donald Trump touched off an international firestorm in December when he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced plans to move the U.S. embassy there as soon as possible.

The move was widely hailed in Israel, which has always…

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The Schiff Memo Harms Democrats More Than It Helps Them

This a great overview.

PA Pundits - International

By Andrew C McCarthy ~

It confirms that the FBI and the DOJ relied heavily on uncorroborated, third-hand, anonymous sources in their FISA application.

Maybe Adam Schiff has more of a sense of humor than I’d have given him credit for. The House Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat begins his long-awaited memo – the minority response to the Nunes memo that was penned by staffers of the committee’s Republican majority – by slamming Chairman Devin Nunes’s unconscionable “risk of public exposure of sensitive sources and methods for no legitimate purpose.” The Schiff memo, which has been delayed for weeks because the FBI objected to its gratuitous effort to publicize highly classified intelligence, including methods and sources, then proceeds to tell its tale through what appear to be scores of blacked-out redactions of information Schiff pushed to expose.

Heavy Reliance on Steele Dossier Confirmed
The FBI and the Justice Department heavily…

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