The Title of Bill O’Reilly’s Next Book Should BE ” THE KILLING OF FOX NEWS”

I think what has surfaced from the departure of both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly is far more sinister than many people are willing to admit.  The story is full of a cast of characters and concerns including, O’Reilly, Ailes, the Murdoch family, Fox News, Obama, Hillary, Media Matters, David Brock, an ambulance chasing attorney, revenge, the desire to stomp out conservationism and free speech at any cost. The use of sexual abuse and harassment allegations is a tool being used for destruction.  O’Reilly has recently come under fire for alleged harassment charges which he adamantly denies.2017-04-19T183730Z_1833804921_RC182A275DB0_RTRMADP_3_FOX-OREILLY

His official statement is as follows: “It is tremendously disheartening that we (Fox) part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with”.

O’Reilly’s leaving could very well be the final straw that causes the demise of Fox News, the only conservative leaning 24 hour news network we have today that is main stream.  He has been the jewel in the crown, so to speak, bringing in billions for Fox over the twenty years he has worked there.  As of Feb.  2017 Fox had led the rating for 182 consecutive months in total viewership largely due to his O’Reilly Factor Show. Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC COMBINED in Feb. ratings.

There are some interesting reasons why O’Reilly has become a target, in my opinion. Before the 2016 presidential election he tried to be “Fair and Balanced”, offering time to both Clinton and Trump.  Clinton declined, Trump showed up regularly. Since the election he has been more Pro-Trump. Whether he was for him or not he has been on the side of …..he is my president now and I support him. He has come down hard on the fake and disrespectful press because he felt they were clearly targeting Trump to the point where they want him gone at any cost.

He also had a segment on one of his shows where he slammed the press for not covering a story about a developmentally delayed girl who was raped and abused by 3 immigrant boys in Twin Falls Idaho. He questioned the wisdom of the cover up, gaining some enemies.  The story is still on going in the court system.

A second story, on his show, that must have ruffled feathers was a story on ICE activities.  He went on the record to say that ICE’ raids targeted illegal immigrants who were criminals and were not reported by the radical left. He said the media was  misleading their readers and were being BLATANTLY DISHONEST. He noted that The President was upholding laws we have in this country.

Let us go to another piece of the puzzle in this saga, The Murdoch family. Rupert Murdoch replaced Roger Ailes, who had guided Fox New to its success, as Chairman and CEO, amid sexual harassment allegations.  Murdoch and his sons are main characters in 21st Century Fox, the parent company to Fox News, Murdoch’s youngest son, Robert, is Chief Executive at that parent company as well. Rupert has since turned over much of the decision-making over to his sons. The two sons have wives who do not share the conservative leaning of Fox News and their  message.The story  goes that Rupert and son Lachlan wanted O’Reilly to remain, at least until the recent allegations were resolved. O’Reilly’s contract had just been extened only weeks before.  James’ wife works for Clinton Climate Initiative, is on the board of Environmental Defense, and is openly an  outspoken hater of Trump on Twitter. James wanted Fox to become CNN2.  Both wives were reportedly instrumental in convincing all involved to oust O’Reilly.

I was reminded of a side story about James and his father.  Both were involved in a scandal of sorts in the U. K. James was forced to resign as chairman of BSkyB in the wake of a phone hacking story. BSkyB was formed in 1990 by Rupert. It is a British broadcasting concern. In  July of 2011 James announced the closure of the British tabloid newspaper News of the World in wake of the scandal. And in a 2012, a U. K. Parlimentary report  stated that both father and son should take responsibility for wrong doing that occurred pertaining to their World New International, which I am assuming was the parent company of News of the World.

Now for the dirt involving the alleged  harassment complaint about Bill. The accuser’s name is Perquita Burgess, an African-American lady, who lives in North Carolina, and worked as a Temp for Fox in 2008, and did not make any complaints until recently. Burgess’ complaints were as follows: O’Reilly leered at her breasts, grunted at her, called her hot chocolate at one point, and said “Looking good there girl”.

The  attorney on this case  is  well know,  named Lisa Bloom, who many consider an ambulance chaser. She is daughter to Gloria Allred, another with the same reputation.  Allred represented a Trump accuser who was allegedly being paid a huge sum of money by Allred, and those funds were being supplied,allegedly, by Clinton or someone involved with her. Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree.  Anyway Bloom heard O’Reilly claim that no one had ever complained about him to the Human Resources Department or called in to the “anonymous hot line”. Bloom had an “aha” moment. She knew of a person named Wendy Walsh, who had mentioned something about Bill that made her uncomfortable.  Walsh had no intention of pursuing her feeling but Bloom convinced her to call the Fox “Hot Line”, and file a complaint. Bloom had the call video taped for the record. Now there was a complaint on the record in the Human Resource Dept. in the form O’Reilly had deemed legitimate. Next Bloom flew to Burgess’ home and convinced her to report the alleged coarse  comments she had relieved back in 2008.

The enemy has their shoves out and are digging deep for any mud to sling at O’Reilly.  On one occasion Bill had Margaret Hoover and Kirsten Powers on his show.  He got Margaret’s name wrong. She corrected him.  He said “Oh, I’m sorry.  There are a lot of blondes in this operation.  I can’t keep them all straight.”  Then he said “Thank you for your blondness”, to both.  Powers has now brought that up.

Many groups are out to nail people like O’Reilly and the conservative message.  Media Matters, founded by David Brock in 2004 is one.  He is a Hillary shill and out to smash anyone who disagrees with his groups point of view. He is out for revenge for Hillary’s loss. An email has surfaced stating that O’Reilly was a target of theirs to take down. Allegedly this organization has reached out to advertisers to get them to boycott Fox and not to return for fear of bad publicity.   I am even wondering if Media Matters or some such group had any part of connecting Burgess with Bloom. They are clearly beating the bushes to squash Bill and maybe even Fox as a whole.

O’Reilly and Fox have settled conflicts over the years for a reported thirteen million dollars since 2004.  According to legal experts, companies occasionally settle disputes that they believe have little merit because it is less risky than taking the matters to trial, which can be costly and create a string of embarrassing headlines. To date O’Reilly has not been found guilty of any wrong doing, EVER.

This is what a friend had to say on the above subject. “I think sexual harassment was an excuse to get rid of O’Reilly.  Fox is moving to the left and he was not politically correct.  The feminist movement holds lots of sway with the media and the Democratic Party. Sexual harassment is a tool to do away with those who are not politically correct”.

In conclusion I think this whole event was an orchestrated campaign to destroy O’Reilly, He was the goose who was laying the Golden Eggs and brought in lots of revenue. If the king pin could be brought down then maybe the rest of the conservatives there at Fox would go down as well.  Free speech was also the target.  The Murdoch brothers and their wives want Fox to become CNN 2. Obama once said that if he watched Fox he wouldn’t vote for him (Obama) either.  What a telling statement. Harassment charges are hard to prove. Often they are more about perception rather than truth. Attorneys gobble these kinds of cases up.  They see dollar signs and fame. Much of the complaints are he said, she said, without much proof. Words are powerful, even lies.   Truth is hard to dispute, so the only way to fight it is to not tell the truth, to cover it up, or distort.

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A Series on Journalism and How Fake News Infected Us: Part 2

Brian Willams, Stephen Glass, Chris Cuomo, CNN, NBC, and CBS all have history involving FAKE News.  Some lost jobs, some lost credibility.  The public was cheated in all cases.

Fake News 1 (1)

I have  five examples, with  two different motives, for stooping low enough to offer fake news. The first four  fall in the category  of self promoting one’ own importance,  The last exhibits  the desire to deceive people from truth for political reasons.  The second seems more arrogant as it strongly indicates a lack of respect for his audience  by assuming they are stupid or naive.

In 1976 Jayson Thoma Blair resigned from a newspaper in the wake of plagiarism and fabrication charges involving some of his stories.  I guess fake news has been around a long time.

Number two on my list is Stephen Glass. He worked for The New Republic.  A movie,  Shattered Glass, dramatized his demise.  Stephen published articles that were fabricated with false quotations, sources and events, for at least three years.

Dan Rather is my third example. He was fired from CBS when the accuracy of a story he wrote questioned  President George W. Bush’ military service.

More recently Brian Williams was suspended for six months without pay from NBC for interviews and some writing from his past experiences as a correspondent in Iraq. He claimed he came under fire while riding in a U.S. military helicopter. In another claim he mentioned Hezbollah rockets buzzed his helicopter while he was  in Israel.  He even  talked about an incident during Hurricane Katrina that was reported to be false.  He said he saw dead bodies floating past his hotel, and that the hotel had no medical supplies and was anything but secure.  The manager of the hotel said she never saw Williams and that they did have  medical supplies and were very secure and that there was not enough water outside the hotel for anything to float by. At the time of his suspension he was the anchor for NBC’ Nightly News.  He is now MSNBC anchor for some of their programing.  I thought it was telling that a survey by Marketing Arm reported that at one point Williams ranked 835th for most trust worthy person.  Earlier he ranked 23rd.

Now here is what I consider the biggie in fake news in my story.  On a television talk/new program on CNN Chris Cuomo actually said the following. To paraphrase, he said it was illegal for anyone but the MEDIA to read Clinton’ emails  released by WikiLeaks. They were full of messages from her camp and especially her “Camp Master” John Podesta. He was her campaign chair.   He continued his nonsense by saying that is was legal for the media to read them and that they could tell the public what they said.  Unbelievable.  Cuomo looked absolutely stupid for saying that in my opinion.  Did he come up with that thought? Did his producer? Well he is still working and I am guessing so is his producer.

How do these examples “Infect Us”? People are too trusting, and maybe too lazy, and tend not to challenge news, from  ALL FORMS of media, nearly enough. Part of the infection is self-imposed because of that. The brain is one of the most important parts of the body and needs to be used more often rather than less.  It is a jewel of an organ that allows us to think, be leaders, and not be followers.  Being brainwashed can be a sign of being too lazy to fact check and verify.  So if we are fooled in the case of what CNN tried to feed us I guess we deserve to be uninformed.

The media should hold themselves to the highest standards possible to earn credibility.  Once it is lost it takes a very long time to repair.

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A Series on Journalism and How Fake News Infected Us: Part 1

I want to go down memory lane a bit  and talk about the news I grew up with way before fake news infiltrated our world.Fake News 1 (1).jpg

My recollectio of “news” growing up was hearing it on the radio and seeing my parents with the paper in their hands every night.  In Dallas we had a morning and evening paper.  One was considered to have Democratic views and the other had a Republican slant.  It was  my sense that my parents believed everything they read in those papers as the gospel truth.

In 1940 the original TV news program was seen in New York. It was a simulcast of Lowell Thomas’ NBC network radio newscast.

In my home town Dallas TV was not seen until December 3, 1949.

I remember voices barreling from both the radio and TV in no-nonsense fashion.  They just stated the news without comment or opinion.  It was unheard of to get teasers throughout the day.  If news was “breaking” they just broke in and told the audience what was going on.

One famous Newscaster was named Edward R. Murrow.  He is an example of what we do not have today in the world of journalism.  He lived from 1908 to 1965.  He was an example of honesty and integrity in delivering the news. There is a school of journalism named after him where he graduated at Washington State University in WA state.  During his career he wrote a series of news reports that lead to the censure of U. S. Senator Joseph McCarthy during a dark time in American history. He received  many awards both during his life and after his death. Many awards are named after him as well as a park in D.C., a school in Brooklyn, New York, and a street in Greensboro, North Carolina. Reporters and Journalist like him were why people trusted the media without reservation.

Fast forward to 1980. A fellow named Ted Turner started CNN which stood for Cable News Network.  He created CNN to broadcast news on television twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  I believe that just listening to the same news over and over again during a twenty-four hour period became tiresome and boring for those watching. So broadcasters began throwing out opinions and bringing on guest who also threw in their own two cents worth.  I don’t know if the political views of the ownership of the station or producers were what was featured but opinions were not necessarily facts.  I think this was the birth of FAKE NEWS.

I am looking forward to writing more instalments about truthful and fake new from my perspective. I think it is clear how and why journalism has gotten to the  point of no return. I think many young people have no sense of what role  news is supposed to play in our lives.  My thought is that  information is a tool.  Whether it be news or education the highest purpose it can offer is to get us to think and evaluate what we hear and read and then make decisions on facts. Fact check, fact check, fact check. Skepticism is healthy. The goal of news and education is not to tell us what to think but encourage us to think. If one can not listen to opposing views one is not secure in what they believe.  Not thinking but only following can be a symptom of being buried in ignorance in my humble opinion.

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Tough Winter: Surprising Cause

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Tough Winter: Surprising Cause

I have not blogged in a long time.  Here is why.

I usually have challenges during the winter months because of the darkness and rain.  This past year from December until May was particularly bad for me. I ended up being severely depressed and had thoughts of suicide on three different occasions.  All three times I reached out to someone.  Once to a friend and twice to a family member.  I had made an agreement that if those thoughts ever overwhelmed me I would do just that.  I even went to my regular doctor to see if I had a medical problem that I was missing, causing my fatigue and feelings of depression.  No problem was found.  I used my special sun light daily, hoping it would help.  It did not.  I found I could no longer follow the special people I had grown to enjoy in the blogging community related to mental illness.  It was unbearable to read about others suffering.

In May when I had the third episode of contemplating  suicide I was ready to go to a professional to deal with my situation.  I knew I would be put on heavy-duty drugs and my life would change dramatically.  Years ago I was under the care of mental health professionals.  In the 70’s  I took medications that altered my speech, my handwriting and my thought process.  Later in life I was only taking Prozac.  At that time my doctor considered me in remission, what ever that means.  I have been off of Prozac for a couple of years, and have been managing being bipolar with the help of natural supplements prescribed by a professional. This is the first time since the 70’s that suicide has crossed my mind.  I started thinking about my life since December.  Had anything changed?

In December I started using Rogaine Foam for Women once a day.  Bingo.  Could this be a piece of the puzzle?  I stopped using it that  night in May.  In a few days my spirits started rising, I was not as tired as I had been, and was not thinking about ending my life anymore.  I called customer service at  Rogaine and asked if they had ever had any complaints of depression from users.  They said no.  I told them my experiences, and they seemed interested in passing on my story to research doctors who work with their product.  I mentioned my experience to a massage therapist that I visited, and she said she had used it and had become depressed as well but stopped taking it because of the cost of the product.  She said she would have never connected the two.  But after she stopped using the product her depression went away.  I received a full refund for the two shipments that I bought and the customer service that I received was appreciated.

It is now September and I have been pretty sable , just my usual ups and downs which I have learned to deal with.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with the bloggers dealing with day-to-day issues related to mental challenges.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 620 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Holidays change over the years depending on age and circumstances.   I am a senior and Bipolar, and those two thing color my emotions and feelings of well-being.

My extended family lives in TX, CO, AZ, and CA.  My kids, grandchildren, and great grand children, who live within 30 miles from me, are busy with their activities.  I moved to my present location over four years ago, and I haven’t connected with many people who are beyond casual acquaintances.  I have slowed down a lot due to my age. So the holiday season is not anything I look forward to.

Years ago I decided what special days were important to me personally.  I came up with my birthday and Mother’s Day.  The other days took on a different meaning for me.  I consider Christmas to be the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. A family meal is a nice addition. I give to a charity in his name.  I consider Thanksgiving a day wrapped around eating and remembering what I have to be thankful for.  If I have a meal with family members I consider that a plus.  Easter is a religious day.  I try to think about all believers of all faiths, and am glad I live in a country where freedom to believe or not to believe is allowed.

Each year during the Winter season I try to plan for fun things to do.  In the past I have started a new quilt.  This year I have  joined a gym to begin getting myself in better shape.  I sometimes put off starting a new book to read until this time of year.  I am looking at a stack of books that I am chomping at the bit to read as I type this blog.  I pulled out my old Therapy light and started using it for half and hour each morning to lift my spirits.

Non of these thing always work, but often they do.  When I have a down day, or moment, I tell myself “This feeling will pass”, and it does.  I tend to think about friends and family members who have passed.  My brother died on Christmas Eve in 1989.  Sometime I take those memories of loss and write about their lives as therapy.

I miss the festivities of school programs and the delight I saw in my children’s faces when they opened their special gifts that were  under the tree, when they were growing up. I miss not having anyone to bake and decorate for.  But spending time with those thoughts are not healthy for me now.  I need to live in the present.  Things never stay the same, they either get better or worse.  I try to find something I can make better in my life or for someones else.  One year I made 18 simple quilts for a family of 4 adults and 5 children (2 for each).  The family was adopted for the Christmas season by a church I was attending.  I had the time and fabric, and  loved every minute I worked on them.

Here is a thought for all of my friends out there in Blogville.  Depression can come from many places during this time of year.  Money can be an issue. Being alone  can also be tough.  Just remember the season will end and life will go on.  Hug yourselves and do something special. Take advantage of community dinners and get to gathers if that is something you might like to do.  If you have the means, drive around and look at the Christmas light displays.  OD on football.  There are lots of bowl games going on between now and New Years. Be creative.  You have the power to try to fill your life with joy.  Thoughts matter.  I believe we are our thoughts.  My prayers are for you all, happy or sad.

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