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Bullying equates to raping the spirit and soul of every victim, in my opinion.  Being bullied changes the child, youth or young adult forever. I wonder how many adults have mental issues because they were bullied as children?  That would … Continue reading

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Talking and Listening are Worlds Apart………..HEARING IS AN ART

This was written in 2014. The message is still a good one today. Listen carefully to those you care about. They may be saying something important that you need to hear. Communicating from my heart and soul about being Bipolar … Continue reading

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Yes I am in the mist of an episode right this minute. I have been manic most of the last few days. This blog will probably not be my best writing, because I am having problems focusing and organizing my … Continue reading

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My experiences of being Bipolar simplified and who I want to reach in my blog posts

There are so many unanswered  questions about being Bipolar.  I have never talked face  to face with anyone who was Bipolar.  I have read articles and talked to professionals, but they probably had no personal experience with the disorder themselves, … Continue reading

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